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Everyone wants more value from trusted data. We’ll show you how to get it to drive customer success and AI innovation.

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What Is Data Cloud?

Data Cloud is the foundation of Customer 360, giving every team the ability to unlock better customer relationships by acting on unified data.

Build success on a rock-solid data foundation

Discover how a thriving data culture, empowered by the right tools, drives AI success.

Accelerate data-driven decision making across every department

Make confident decisions and deliver personalized customer experiences with trusted data as your guide.

Ask more of data

In the age of AI, everyone has data questions.
Get answers to make the most of your data and take full advantage of AI.

Q: How can you use Salesforce CRM data to achieve customer and business success?

Man snaps photo of Salesforce logo: What does Salesforce do

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What Does Salesforce Do?

Q: How does a customer data platform work?

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What Is a Customer Data Platform?

Q: What are the most common data security risks to guard against?

data security

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What Is Data Security?

Make data skills your competitive advantage

Stay ahead — Gain new data skills via guided learning and hands-on experiences.


Prepare Your Data for AI

Successfully implement AI with the Einstein Trust layer, enhanced data quality, and optimized data sets.


Data Quality

Discover strategies for assessing and improving the quality of your data in Salesforce.


Build a Data Strategy for Data Cloud

Prepare and plan your data usage in Data Cloud.

These exciting and inspiring events will help you elevate your data game

Top Takeaways from World Tour NYC

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Watch the best moments from World Tour New York City. See how Data Cloud lets you connect all your unstructured data to power automation, search and AI innovation.

Top 3 Takeaways from Dreamforce 2023

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Watch the best moments from the world’s biggest technology conference. This video is the perfect start to your Dreamforce journey. Watch everything for free, on Salesforce+.

AI depends on data, and more importantly generative AI forces us to think fundamentally differently about how business works.

Catherine Li
VP Data Engineering & AI and Business Platform, Toast

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