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5 Dreamforce Sessions Data Leaders Don’t Want to Miss

A Dreamforce speaker on the stage: Dreamforce data sessions
Join data leaders at Dreamforce to discuss everything from building a robust data culture to integrating AI into your organization. [Jakub Mosur Photography]

The AI revolution is here, and its success depends on a strong data foundation. At this year's Dreamforce, learn how to create new strategies that align data with your business goals.

You expect great things from the largest AI event of the year, and Dreamforce 2023 won’t disappoint. It’s no secret that AI is already transforming industries. But the success of AI depends on an effective data strategy, data governance, and security. These five Dreamforce data sessions will equip you to get your data ready for AI and show you how to overcome roadblocks to success.

Reimagining Analytics for the AI Era

AI is changing everything. From how we work and innovate to the products and services we create for our customers. But professionals know that AI can only be as powerful as their data. In fact, nine in 10 analytics and IT leaders say AI makes data management a top priority.

During this keynote, Tableau leaders, product experts, customers, and community members take the stage to talk about data in the AI era. See the AI-powered product innovations making it easier for everyone — not just the analysts — to consume, explore, and act on their data.

Building a Data Culture for Business Impact

Who needs a data culture? In business, virtually everyone. A data culture is a work environment where everyone can understand and use data in their work. Research from IDC shows data-leading organizations — those with strong data cultures — see positive outcomes, including:

  • Greater competitive differentiation
  • Faster time to market
  • Increased profits
  • Higher employee satisfaction

Join us as we dive into the details of building a robust data culture. You’ll learn actionable steps to lay the foundation for a thriving data culture in your business — just as the Texas Rangers baseball organization did.

The Rangers use Tableau to track real-time ticket purchases, food and beverage sales, and merchandise sales. As a result, they’ve been able to boost game attendance, reduce seasonal staffing costs, and get more promotional bang for their buck.

Realizing the full value of your data means creating and nurturing a strong data culture across the organization. Learn how to do just that in one of the most informative Dreamforce data sessions.

Evolving your data strategy in the era of AI

Using data to drive business performance is no longer a nice-to-have — it’s necessary to survive and thrive. But a recent study found that only 30% of employees say their actions are driven by data.

In this session, you’ll learn how to build a data strategy that delivers value by:

  • Helping leaders make decisions that steer your company in the direction of your business goals
  • Creating a culture where every department uses data to drive decisions
  • Ensuring employees have the data they need to make informed decisions

You’ll learn how to bring your leaders and decision makers along on this journey by easing the transition to a data-based way of working. Using the example of a real Salesforce team, we’ll show you how this company uses an analytics strategy to navigate challenges in pursuit of its business goals.

Come discover how to craft a data strategy that will help you and your business realize the full potential of AI.

Preparing for AI: A Data Leader’s Perspective

What does it take to scale AI across your enterprise? Get firsthand insights from Greg Beltzer, head of technology with RBC Wealth Management, and Joe Taylor, senior vice president of strategy and analytics for Live Nation. Discover the most effective ways to integrate AI into your organization by learning from the challenges and successes the panelists experienced. 

This panel is designed for anyone looking to transform their business with AI. Whether you’re scratching the surface or already entrenched in the world of AI, this is your chance to get practical, real-world insights on scaling AI.

Can AI + Data Predict the Future Boardroom?

The need to use AI and understand the data that powers it applies to all levels of the organization—including the boardroom. 

Come to this roundtable for the experts’ take on how AI is reshaping the boardroom landscape. Julie Hansen, vice president and global strategic executive advisor with Salesforce, and Helle Bank Jorgensen, CEO of Competent Boards, will fill you in on the evolving role of data and AI and their impact on the board’s role in moving today’s companies forward.

  • Learn what the risks and ethical considerations of AI, such as privacy, equity, and sustainability, mean for board relations.
  • Discover how soft skills like empathy, emotional intelligence, and creativity are becoming the bridge connecting the human and digital realms.
  • Talk with other decision makers about how to strike a balance between putting technology advancements to work while upholding ethical and responsible governance. 

Discover new insights

Learn with us as we peer into a future driven by data and AI. Find out more about the power of analytics and intelligent insights, and make better decisions with Tableau.

Karen Madera
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