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Salesforce's Pathfinder Training Program Expands Globally

Salesforce's Pathfinder Training Program Expands Globally

The Pathfinder four-month curriculum combines technical training, business skill training, and mentorship to help prepare community college students and veterans for new careers.

At Salesforce, one of our core values is Equality, and a natural extension of that is our commitment to workforce development. We want to empower a diverse and qualified workforce with the skills needed to ensure their future success, the success of our customers and partners, and to create a better, more equal world.

So in 2017, we created the Pathfinder Program in collaboration with Deloitte to train the next generation of Trailblazers. The four-month curriculum combines Salesforce’s technical training, Deloitte’s business skill training, and mentorship to help prepare community college students and veterans for jobs in the Salesforce ecosystem as administrators or developers. The program launched in Indiana in June 2018, with a goal of training 500 people through 2020. Since then, more than 150 Pathfinders have graduated from the program, putting us well on our way to reaching that goal. Pathfinder graduates have been hired by top employers, including Deloitte, which has hired more than 10% of graduates to date into internships and full-time roles.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be expanding the program in the U.S. and globally in spring 2020, starting in the San Francisco Bay Area. The expansion will double our original commitment, and will train an additional 500 people over the next three years — 1,000 people total. The program is open to veterans and community college students. In the Bay Area, we’ve partnered with Peralta Community College District, City College of San Francisco, and Los Medanos College to help source qualified candidates and are working with local employers to help graduates pursue a variety of employment opportunities.

We’re incredibly proud of the progress we’ve made so far with the program, and the remarkable stories of our graduates — from a student who went from driving semi-trucks to a Salesforce developer, to a warehouse worker who is now a consultant at Deloitte. The skillsets gained from our program have proven to be highly sought after by many of the top employers in the industry.

We’re looking forward to bringing more opportunity to more people around the world.

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