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Introducing Quip Shield: Advanced Security for Enterprise Productivity

Introducing Quip Shield: Advanced Security for Enterprise Productivity

Quip Shield is a set of advanced security measures and controls that enhance trust, compliance, and governance for security-conscious enterprises.

Modern productivity tools are transforming the way employees collaborate in real-time, on any device, across the globe. But with more sensitive data being stored and managed in the cloud, compliance requirements and security penalties have also become increasingly complex.

Quip brings Salesforce-level trust and security to enterprise productivity by providing the strong security required to protect sensitive data, while still enabling teams to work quickly and collaboratively to drive business forward. From secure infrastructure services to granular permissions and external sharing controls, Quip is fully encrypted and secure out-of-the-box and is easily customizable to enable every business to meet their specific security and compliance needs.

However, companies in highly regulated industries such as financial services, manufacturing, healthcare and the public sector have rigorous compliance regulations for how they govern sensitive data that go even further. Today we are excited to extend Quip’s privacy and security offerings even further with the announcement of Quip Shield, our newest set of advanced security measures to help enhance trust, compliance, and governance for the most regulated organizations — without slowing work down. In addition, we are also bringing HIPAA certification to Quip to better serve the collaboration needs of healthcare organizations.


Introducing Quip Shield

While Quip’s out-of-the-box security features provide what most companies need, Quip Shield is designed to help organizations in the most regulated industries appropriately manage sensitive corporate data against strict regulatory requirements, industry standards, corporate policies, and other compliance measures. It includes three premium services:

  • Enterprise Key Management (EKM): Create, manage, and control access to your own encryption keys. Maintain full visibility into all key usage in an unchangeable audit log and respond to potential threats by granularly revoking access to your encrypted data at any time.
  • Event Monitoring: Ingest real-time event logs into Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM) systems and Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB). Monitor for malicious activity, surface threats as soon as possible, and take immediate action.
  • Antivirus Scanning: Automatically scan files uploaded to Quip for malicious content. Help guard your business-critical data against known and unknown threats by preventing users from downloading potentially infected files.

Control access to your sensitive data with Enterprise Key Management

Enterprise Key Management gives you greater control over who accesses your data and how, making sure your sensitive data never falls into the wrong hands. Your business can maintain full visibility into key usage via immutable audit logs and respond to potential threats by granularly revoking access to specific pieces of content in Quip, rather than revoking access to the entire service. Your data stays protected while work keeps moving forward.

For example, government agencies using EKM are better enabled to prevent unauthorized access to Social Security numbers, fingerprints, government IDs, and other sensitive details crucial to national security. And health insurance providers are able to encrypt sensitive Protected Health Information and maintain bottom-line control of its availability to their Quip users. Since Quip is now HIPAA certified, all health professionals can feel empowered to securely collaborate around PHI in real-time, maintaining full compliance.

Enforce Security and compliance with automated controls with Event Monitoring

Event Monitoring lets you programmatically monitor activity in Quip and set custom rules to automatically flag and address suspicious behaviors. Import Quip event logs into the data visualization and application monitoring tools of your choice, and in the event of a security incident, easily demonstrate compliance by delivering auditors, government regulators, or legal teams the appropriate information in a format that can be audited.

With Event Monitoring, wealth management firms have greater visibility to track whether their clients’ sensitive account data or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is being misused or misallocated in CRM, and manufacturing companies can mitigate data leakage by keeping a close eye on who is accessing their intellectual property, trade secrets, and roadmap details and how that data is being utilized. If any actions taken around their sensitive data pose a potential threat, they can take immediate action to enforce their internal security policies, ensuring compliance in all situations.

Enjoy uninterrupted service and productivity in CRM

The best part of all is that Quip Shield works seamlessly in the background without impacting the end-user experience, balancing your security needs with the need to drive work and business productivity. In the case of an incident, teams experience minimal disruption while your admins work to isolate and secure data, and business keeps running as usual.

Try Quip Shield today

Quip Shield empowers teams to collaborate more securely in Salesforce than ever before, without slowing work down.

Contact us or reach out to your account representative to learn more about how Quip Shield can help you meet your security and compliance needs today. You can also take a deep dive at our upcoming Quip Shield webinar.

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