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Kick-Start Your Salesforce Career with New Trailblazer Virtual Bootcamps

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Trailblazer Virtual Bootcamps are the perfect launch pad to learn in-demand skills alongside Salesforce experts.

Discover Trailblazer Virtual Bootcamps - learning programs with self-paced content and live sessions with Salesforce Certified Instructors.

Whether or not we work or stay at home to care for kids, a lot has changed for all of us these past few years. Where and how we work and what and how we need to learn to be successful are evolving.

Yet, despite all the changes, one thing remains constant—the need to adapt in order to grow. We realize that our products must also change to meet our Trailblazers wherever they are and however they like to learn.

Meet our newest Trailblazer Virtual Bootcamps

That’s why we created Trailblazer Virtual Bootcamps (TVBs)—blended, prescriptive, multi-week learning programs where self-paced content and live sessions with Salesforce Certified Instructors come together in one amazing learning experience.

We already have TVBs for new admins, App Builders, and Platform Developers but realize we’re missing a big audience—Trailblazers who are just starting to explore Salesforce and looking for guidance on where to begin.

We’re so excited to add two new TVBs to round out our portfolio and provide a new entry point for Trailblazers to join the Salesforce ecosystem. If you or someone you know are thinking about starting or changing careers, TVBs are the perfect launch pad to learn in-demand skills alongside Salesforce experts.

Kickstart Your Salesforce Career with Trailblazer Virtual Bootcamp

Get the fundamental knowledge and expert-led guidance you need to build Salesforce skills, fast.

New to Salesforce?

If you’re new to the workforce, changing industries, or looking to jump-start future career opportunities, TVB for Salesforce Associates is a great first stop.

TVB for Salesforce Associates is a 4-week learning journey designed to help you build foundational Salesforce skills. Learn about Customer 360 and identify which product offerings could be used in a given scenario.

Discover how to navigate Salesforce, including how a user locates and accesses necessary information and where Salesforce customization takes place. Determine which features and tools to use to ensure data visibility and data integrity.

Bonus: This TVB aligns with the Salesforce Associate certification and includes a certification voucher!

Salesforce Associate certification

The Salesforce Associate certification is designed for individuals who may have up to 6 months of user experience.

The knowledge you gain will help to set the framework needed to understand Salesforce as well as the ecosystem you’re looking to join.

Curious about Marketing Cloud?

Similar to TVB for Salesforce Associates, TVB for New Marketers is ideal for anyone looking to learn about Salesforce Marketing Cloud and kick-start their Salesforce marketing career.

This 6-week learning journey is a blend of bite-sized Trailhead modules and live coaching sessions with Salesforce Certified Instructors. Discover the various features and functionalities of Marketing Cloud, and learn how to evaluate marketing strategies to drive lead generation.

Get hands-on with Marketing Cloud with a student org, and learn how to create engaging emails and customize email journeys to onboard prospects.

While TVB for New Marketers is not aligned with a certification, it sets the groundwork for grasping the foundations of Marketing Cloud, building audiences and campaign journeys, and understanding data models.

Created with you in mind

Our curriculum developers work hard to build out Trailhead Academy’s robust catalog of expert-led learning programs. They develop content with an understanding of how you need to navigate platform areas to learn, understand, and apply key foundations to jump-start your learning journey.

One of the content creators, Jacqlyn Campione, shares how the TVB for Salesforce Associates came to be.

“When I was a brand new Salesforce learner, not coming from a technical background, it was difficult to grasp the foundational concepts of Salesforce Customer 360. This is why the comprehensive, guided TVB for Salesforce Associates was created and made available to our Trailblazers.

Jacqlyn Campione – Sr. Manager, Curriculum Portfolio Lead, Trailhead Academy. 5x certified Double Star Ranger

Discover Trailhead Academy

Accelerate learning across your organization with access to product experts.

Growth equals change

Change can be scary, but it begins with learning. Educate yourself and you’ll find that personal and professional growth is possible. I truly believe that if you want to be successful and take that next step, you need to take hold of the opportunity.

Whether you’re starting your career, re-skilling into a new one, or just want to learn more to build your portfolio, TVBs are a helpful way to begin your journey.

Take the #BeATrailblazer Quest

Draw inspiration from Trailblazer, a new series on Salesforce+ and learn how you can build a dynamic career with Salesforce. Complete this quest to earn an exclusive community badge.

Kick-start your learning journey

Follow these steps to learn from experts and kick-start your Salesforce journey.

  • Register for TVB for Salesforce Associates or TVB for New Marketers.
    • Includes access to the TVB org for 180 days and twice-weekly access to a certified Salesforce expert
    • Remember: TVB for Salesforce Associates includes a certification voucher and FREE retakes!
  • Join the Trailblazer Community, where you can collaborate with others and find support. Get help on the trail, join a study group, and connect with Trailblazers from around the globe with similar experiences as you.

The Trailblazer Blog

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Deb Friedler
Deb Friedler Product Manager, Trailhead Academy Products

Deb’s passion is to encourage growth by embracing change! She focuses on empowering Trailblazers by ensuring that Trailhead Academy products developed and delivered drive success for those in or entering the Salesforce ecosystem. In addition, she’s also a mom, an avid runner, and loves to cook and bake.

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