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Get Hands-on with MuleSoft Automation and Integration Skills with Trailhead

Salesforce characters learn MuleSoft skills on Trailhead while sitting on a log together.
Get hands-on with MuleSoft tools for free, learn how to connect all your data and systems—from legacy to modern—to power AI and automations and scale APIs with governance.

Explore MuleSoft and build the skills you need for a career in automation and integration with new, enhanced learning on Trailhead.

You can learn MuleSoft skills and get hands-on experience for free on Trailhead, Salesforce’s online learning platform. Gain access to a free test version of MuleSoft, including the same tools you’ll use on the job, so you can confidently take charge at work, add new skills to your resume, and help your company succeed.

Learn MuleSoft skills on Trailhead with new hands-on challenges

What is MuleSoft? MuleSoft is a unified, hyperautomation platform that gives IT and business teams the tools to transform any experience or process. Reading about the power of MuleSoft is one thing, but now you can try it out for yourself with Trailhead.

If you’re ready to learn more about integrating data and systems, automating workflows and processes, and creating incredible digital experiences, the Build Great APIs and Integrations with MuleSoft trail is the perfect place to start. 

You’ll get step-by-step instructions to solve real-world challenges that MuleSoft developers tackle every day. Plus, you’ll get real-time feedback from Trailhead to ensure you’re learning efficiently. 

With three new Trailhead badges, you can get to know MuleSoft API Designer and MuleSoft Anypoint Platform.

Through step-by-step exercises, you can apply the fundamentals of API-led delivery, learning how to use the platform and tooling in the best ways possible. For those new to MuleSoft, the hands-on exercises will build your understanding, increase your awareness of API best practices, and improve your confidence. In no time, you’ll be well on your way to earning your certification and be a full-fledged Muley!

Steve Clarke
Director, Systems Integration | APIs | Automation, Slalom

For example, in Integrate Multiple Salesforce Orgs with MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, you’ll learn to set IP ranges for your users to log in from. You’ll get hands-on and define IP address restrictions for profiles, learning how to deny logins from any other IP addresses. 

Instead of reading documentation, you get step-by-step instructions on how to navigate the System Administrator profile and edit the Login IP Ranges.

A Trailhead page shows step by step directions showing how to set login IP ranges.

When you’re ready, Trailhead will check your work and tell you if there’s anything you missed with a note above the Check Challenge button such as, “Challenge not yet complete… We can’t find the expected Login IP Range associated with the System Administrator profile.”

A Trailhead page shows an error message saying “We can’t find the expected Login IP Range associated with the System Administrator profile.”

Get more feedback with Enhanced Quizzes

Trailblazer feedback is at the heart of Trailhead, and we’ve heard from you that you learn technical skills best when you can get your hands on the product, so we’re excited to hear what you think about MuleSoft’s hands-on challenges. We’ve also heard that you want more clarification on why an answer is correct or incorrect. In the spirit of continuous innovation, we’re thrilled to share another new feature based on your feedback: Enhanced Quizzes. 

Imagine you’ve started your MuleSoft learning journey by learning about API Basics. You take the first quiz and see that one of your answers is wrong, but you’re not sure why. Now, with Enhanced Quizzes, you’ll get more information on the answer you chose and why it was correct or incorrect. You’re not only getting deeper information but also reinforcing the key concepts and increasing your retention. You take the quiz again, and the points, badge, and knowledge are yours. Cue the confetti!

A Trailhead page shows a quiz question with four possible answers. The answer “set of instructions” is selected, and it shows text saying “Incorrect: Although APIs allow systems to send data and information to one another, they aren’t simply a set of instructions.”

So get hands-on with MuleSoft, learn more with Enhanced Quizzes, and start building your skill set today!

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