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Nominate Your Trailblazer Community Mentors and Champions to Be a Salesforce MVP

Nominate Your Trailblazer Community Mentors and Champions to Be a Salesforce MVP

Learn about what makes Salesforce MVPs special, meet a few of our 2019 Salesforce MVPs through the eyes of their nominators, and learn about the review process.

People often wonder what makes the Salesforce Trailblazer Community so special. How on earth is this thriving global community so full of passion for succeeding together? The answer is easy to see every year when the community comes together to nominate Salesforce MVPs as an expression of gratitude for the Trailblazers who go above and beyond to help them learn, connect, have fun, and give back together. That special time starts now, and we’re excited to hear from you all! 

Read on to learn more about what makes Salesforce MVPs special, meet a few of our 2019 Salesforce MVPs through the eyes of their nominators, and learn about the review process. And after you’ve had a taste of the magic, please bring us your best nominations before December 23rd! 

Standout characteristics of Salesforce MVPs

Salesforce MVPs are exceptional leaders and lifelong learners who go above and beyond to share their expertise and help the entire community blaze trails. The leaders who receive the Salesforce MVP award truly stand out in four categories: 


First and foremost, Salesforce MVPs constantly push themselves to maintain a strong, current understanding of the Salesforce platform and share that expertise through technical sessions, blogs, providing answers in the community, and more. 


Salesforce MVPs consistently seek opportunities to innovate and build new paths for others to follow. They dedicate countless hours to running and contributing to programs that make a huge difference in other Trailblazers’ journeys like Salesforce MVP Office HoursCommunity Conferences, and more.


Salesforce MVPs are the ultimate mentors, champions, and connectors. In addition to their day jobs, maintaining deep expertise, and leading community programs — they’re always ready to lend a helping hand to fellow Trailblazers. And this incredible giving is a source of inspiration for many.


Salesforce MVPs are the ultimate connectors. In addition to their day jobs, maintaining expertise, and leading community programs — they’re always ready to lend a helping hand to Trailblazers who need help along the way. 

Meet a few 2019 Salesforce MVPs (through the eyes of their nominators)

LeAndria Streeter was the first person who saw potential in my Salesforce skills when she was on a pro-bono consulting team for the nonprofit organization I worked at. She encouraged me to join the D.C. Women In Tech Community Group, attend Dreamforce, leave a toxic job, and quickly became one of my closest confidants. She pushes me, and everyone she touches, to be better, and I cannot think of a person that more fully embodies the MVP spirit. In addition to leading the thriving D.C. WIT Group and helping lead WITness Success, she dedicates herself to meeting with people 1:1 to brainstorm how to build Salesforce careers, study for a certification, or work through imposter syndrome to build confidence and momentum to achieve their goals. She partners with everyone she works with, ensuring they feel heard, respected, and included in all decision making.

Aldo Fernandez is a long-time member of the developer community and someone I look to for expert opinions on Salesforce, Heroku architecture, design, and implementation. He is a talented developer and Architect and is widely considered an expert in our field. I have personally found his Tweets, talks and projects to be incredibly helpful and always grounded in best practices with some new and engaging twist. He is always willing to lend a hand or talk through a tricky problem. For his contributions to the developer and architect community, his work with Punta Dreamin’ and all his speaking endeavors, I hope he is awarded this year.”

Radhika Bansal has a great interest in Salesforce and the Trailblazer Community. She has been very active in advocating Salesforce and serving the community as a leader, inspirer, blogger, and motivator. She speaks at various community and Salesforce events and inspires many to pursue Salesforce careers. She started a Salesforce Student Group encourage students to learn the Salesforce ecosystem. She’s also started working as one on the RADWomen Coach to help women also benefit from a career with Salesforce. She is truly a Trailblazer.”

“I was introduced to Chamil Madusanka at a Developer Group meeting he organized in Sri Lanka. Until that meeting, I wasn’t aware of how powerful the community is. He has been a great leader initiating so many Salesforce events in Sri Lanka and introducing Trailblazers from outside Sri Lanka, as well. He has been a great inspiration in my life. With his encouragement, I started a Women in Technology Group in Sri Lanka. Chamil also gets the credit for organizing Salesforce Saturdays in Sri Lanka. For Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan Salesforce community Chamil has been a great asset and inspiration for many of us. I hope he gets to be MVP.”

What’s next: The nomination, review, and award process

As with all things Trailblazer Community, our nomination process is a team sport. After nominations close on December 23rd, we will have a multi-phase review process to select our 2020 Salesforce MVPs. Be ready for some super fun social celebration in March (check out last year’s announcement and social fun).


Jessica Galiana

Jessica Galiana is Director, Trailblazer Community Marketing. She was previously spearheading small and medium business campaigns and started her Salesforce journey in Southern Europe. Connect with her on Twitter (@jgb2a).

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