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22 Sales Training Programs and Courses to Level Up Your Game

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Training helps your sales team develop its skills and tackle its biggest areas for improvement head-on so you can stay competitive. [Adobe]

Here's how to choose the right training for your sales team.

It’s easy to get swept up in the latest sales fads — especially when comparing sales training programs for your team. What’s the latest tactic everyone is learning about? How do you train your team on the techniques that edge out the competition?

But it shouldn’t be about fads. As a straight-shooter from Boston, I’m all about setting clear goals when it comes to choosing the best program for you — not chasing fads. Maybe you’re looking for a training program to help you improve specific sales tactics. Or perhaps you’re hoping to learn an entirely new sales methodology or gain a certification. Whatever your goals, finding a program that will help you tackle them head-on is key.

In the spirit of transparency, here are the training programs I think will make the biggest impact for sales organizations. 

What you’ll learn:

Engage and close prospects from everywhere

Pull up CRM data for prospects even when you’re engaging with them outside your CRM — whether on social or online. 

What is sales training? 

Sales training is the process of teaching salespeople how to sell more effectively. It includes developing soft skills, like understanding customer needs and maintaining relationships, and hard skills, like presenting products or services and closing deals effectively. Organizations often invest in sales training programs to boost sales success and grow the business.

Sales training spans several key areas. It begins with broad strategies that guide the entire sales process and provides a framework for engaging with prospects. Then, tailored focused, actionable guidance is delivered to drive specific outcomes or address skill gaps. Here, reps are given resources and taught actions to use in particular sales situations. The final layer of sales training is personalized coaching and feedback from managers. This is meant to reinforce training, pinpoint areas for improvement, and identify where reps are excelling. 

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Why is sales training important? 

With effective training, new reps get the guidance they need to dive into sales activities with confidence and find success quickly. For veteran sales professionals, training provides opportunities to sharpen their skills, increase their industry knowledge, and ensure their sales approach remains competitive and impactful.

Benefits of sales training programs 

A good sales training program should empower your reps to become even better at what they do. Well-trained reps are not just generally more skilled, they’re more effective sellers. After completing training, you could start to see some of the following benefits:

Competitive edge: When you’re proactive about providing training on industry trends, new sales strategies, the latest tech, and how to improve specific areas of your business, it gives your team the skills they need to stay agile in a highly competitive field. By offering key training opportunities — like how AI can be used to improve workflows — your team can stay ahead of the curve and on top of their game.

Confidence: Sales training can boost confidence and give your reps a leg up when it comes to trickier parts of the job like fielding objections, navigating long sales cycles, and building relationships with customers. The right training can give your team the tools they need to feel confident handling whatever comes their way — and that’s a win the whole team. 

Growth and retention: Sales training is not just about mastering skills. It also helps build a culture of continued learning and growth within your organization. That’s why improving sales training and enablement is a top retention strategy for sales leaders, according to our State of Sales report. Offering training opportunities for your team sets the expectation that there’s always more to learn and that you’re invested in reps’ success and personal development.

How to choose a sales training program

Look for options that address your team’s needs. The key is not just to look for a catch-all solution but to understand your sales process intimately and identify where you’re facing the biggest hurdles. 

Consider weak areas you want to improve, unique challenges you’ve encountered, and goals you hope to achieve. Whether it’s refining the prospecting phase, enhancing negotiation skills, or integrating new technologies, the focus should be on addressing specific skill gaps.

When evaluating options, consider:

  • Format and accessibility: Decide between online, in-person, or hybrid formats based on what’s most convenient and accessible for your team. This choice is crucial for ensuring high participation and engagement rates.
  • Focus areas: Ensure the program covers areas that address your team’s specific challenges and goals. From negotiation strategies to leveraging AI in sales, the curriculum should be relevant and practical.
  • Price and investment: Consider both the upfront costs and the potential ROI of the program. It’s not just about the price tag but about the value it brings to your team’s performance and overall business outcomes.
  • Certifications: While not always necessary, programs that offer certification can help with professional advancement and provide additional motivation and prestige. 

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22 leading sales training programs

With so many different sales training options to choose from, finding the program that aligns with your team’s unique needs can be overwhelming. The key is to define your success criteria. Once you know what success looks like (i.e. goals you want to achieve), you’ll be better equipped to choose the best training program for the job.

Here are 22 sales training programs worth considering: 

1. Salesforce Sales Representative Certification

Salesforce offers a certification path designed for sales professionals who want to excel with a customer-centric approach to sales. This program is ideal for developing skills in customer communication, research, discovery, team selling, value selling, and account planning and strategy.

  • Why you should consider it: As the world’s leading CRM platform, Salesforce has unmatched expertise in sales strategies and CRM utilization.
  • Location: Online learning, with options for proctored exams either at a test center or remotely
  • Focus: Salesforce platform proficiency, common sales methodologies (like the customer-centric methodology, alongside sales pipeline management in Sales Cloud)
  • Format: Self-guided online learning on proprietary platform Trailhead. A proctored exam for the certification (see below) can be taken on-site or online. See the exam guide for recommended training resources and additional format details. 
  • Price: Trailhead is free for anyone to use. The Salesforce Sales Representative Certification exam costs $200 plus applicable taxes as required per local law.
  • Certification/diploma: Salesforce Sales Representative Certification
  • Additional details: Best suited to individuals with six months to three years experience as a sales representative, aiming to enhance career opportunities
  • Bottom line: This program is for individuals who want to advance their sales career via customer-centric selling techniques with the help of the Salesforce platform.

2. Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie’s Sales Training program focuses on relationship-building techniques and effective selling strategies. It incorporates principles from “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie, aiming to enhance sales performance through improved customer engagement and relationship management.

  • Why you should consider it: The organization has a decades-long reputation in professional development in sales with an emphasis on enhancing interpersonal skills and sales strategies.
  • Location: Both in-person sessions in major cities around the world and online options; check website above for details
  • Focus: Interpersonal skills, relationship building, and sales strategies
  • Format: Available in various formats, including live online and in-person sessions
  • Price: Costs range from $1,000 to $1,800, depending on location
  • Certification/diploma: Multiple certifications available, depending on your focus
  • Bottom line: An ideal training program for sales professionals aiming to enhance their selling approach through better communication and relationship-building skills

3. Sandler Sales Training

Sandler offers a sales training program that’s based in ongoing discovery as a means to uncover your prospect’s motivation, budget, and decision-making process. The program covers everything from starting conversations with potential customers to sealing the deal.

  • Why you should consider it: Sandler has done extensive research in sales practices and behavioral change to inform its sales training.
  • Location: In-person and virtual courses
  • Focus: B2B selling processes, especially discovery as an ongoing tool in the sales process
  • Format: Virtual and in-person formats
  • Price: Between $1,000 and $3,000; contact for details
  • Certification/diploma: Offers sales certifications
  • Additional details: Training includes six key sales areas, including sales training, prospecting, sales leadership, account expansion, personal and professional growth, and customer success
  • Bottom line: Focuses on changing behavior and forming good sales habits for lasting results, uses research-based methods, and covers the full sales cycle. Great for teams looking for a deep dive into sales strategies with ongoing support.

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4. Marcus Chan: Venli Consulting Group 

Marcus Chan and Venli Consulting Group offer a dynamic sales training program designed to double sales results within 90 days. Their approach focuses on sales fundamentals, personalized coaching based on call reviews, and implementing systems for predictable success.

  • Why you should consider it: Before becoming a sales coach, Marcus spent 14 years in corporate America, where he consistently ranked in the top percentile, winning multiple President’s Club awards and earning 10 promotions.
  • Focus: Fundamental sales skills, overcoming bottlenecks, and growth acceleration
  • Location: Portland, OR; global services available online
  • Format: Classroom and virtual facilitator-led training with executive call review
  • Price: Book a strategy call for details
  • Certification/diploma: Certificate of completion 
  • Additional details: Tailored to individual and team needs; they claim over $750 million in revenue generated for clients
  • Bottom line: For sales professionals and teams looking for a proven, personalized approach to rapidly increasing sales performance and revenue using sales and leadership strategies

5. John Barrows (yours truly): SellBetter by JB Sales

My sales training offers extensive, customizable programs designed to meet the diverse needs of sales teams. My programs focus on practical techniques, high-quality engagement, and strategic sales execution.

  • Why you should consider it: Not to toot my own horn, but I’ve trained some of the fastest-growing sales organizations in the world, including Salesforce, LinkedIn, Box, Slack, Amazon, and Zoom. My goal is to change the negative perception of sales because, when it’s done right, it’s one of the greatest professions in the world.
  • Location: Flexible online and onsite options
  • Focus: Boost sales team effectiveness with strategies for the full sales cycle, emphasizing integrity and logical selling
  • Format: Depending on your organization’s needs, I offer several options:
    • JB Dedicated: Customized for large teams (with coaching)
    • JB Flex: Focused sessions on signature courses for specific needs
    • JB Team Membership: Annual access to ongoing training and resources
  • Price:
    • JB Dedicated: $30,000 (remote), $40,000 (onsite in the US), $50,000 (onsite internationally)
    • JB Flex: $25,000 for 50 reps
    • JB Team Membership: From $7,500 for 15 reps to $25,000 for 50 reps
  • Certification/diploma: Participants can earn certification for completing signature courses, included in training packages
  • Additional details: Signature courses “Filling the Funnel” and “Driving to Close” provide a structured framework for improving sales activities. Ongoing access to a content library and on-demand courses is provided, dependent on the training package.
  • Bottom line: An investment for sales teams looking to upskill and drive performance

6. Ian Koniak: Ian Koniak Sales Coaching, Inc. 

Ian Koniak’s Sales Coaching program is designed to improve performance for B2B sales professionals, offering personalized coaching, comprehensive courses, and transformational strategies for individual and team success. With a focus on mindset, selling skills, and achieving sales quotas, Koniak offers 19 years of sales experience, including a notable track record at Fortune 500 companies like Salesforce and Ricoh. He and his team guide participants toward becoming top 1% sales performers.

  • Why you should consider it: With $100M+ in career sales under his belt, Ian help tech sales reps perform to their full potential in sales and life with world class coaching, courses, and community.
  • Location: Primarily online; onsite training is offered for teams and organizations
  • Focus: B2B sales performance enhancement, sales mindset transformation, skill mastery, and quota achievement
  • Format: Individual coaching, team training, online courses, and keynote speaking
  • Price: Contact for details
  • Certification/diploma: Contact for details
  • Additional details: Offers weekly sales tips, draws on Ian’s $100 million+ sales record, and covers the B2B sales cycle comprehensively
  • Bottom line: Provides a detailed path to sales excellence, suitable for individuals and teams who are ready to invest in sales training for real-world impact and professional growth

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7. Anita Nielsen: LDK Advisory Services

LDK Advisory Services, led by Anita Neilsen, offers sales education, enablement, and empowerment programs aimed at transforming sales teams into high-performing units. Rejecting one-size-fits-all methodologies, LDK focuses on customized solutions tailored to a team’s unique culture and needs. Anita’s 20 years of cross-industry experience have helped her develop a program based on understanding the root cause(s) of an organization’s challenges and providing a people-centered approach to growth and sales success.

  • Why you should consider it: With over two decades of hands-on experience in B2B sales, Anita is a seasoned sales performance consultant, author, trainer, and coach. Her mission is to equip sales leaders and teams with the psychological principles needed to steer buyers toward positive purchasing decisions. LDK Advisory is recognized among the top sales enablement consultants with a notable membership in the Forbes Business Development Council.
  • Location: Based in Frankfort, IL; to learn more about in-person vs. virtual courses, reach out via her website above
  • Focus: Custom sales training and enablement solutions designed around the unique needs of B2B sales teams and their organizational culture
  • Format: Tailored, one-on-one coaching solutions for sales professionals
  • Price: Contact for details
  • Certification/diploma: Contact for details
  • Bottom line: For sales teams and leaders seeking a modern approach to sales training. LDK’s personalized approach incorporates psychology into sales strategies to provide a unique edge. It’s well-suited for B2B sales teams that want tailored solutions for growth and improvement.

8. RAIN Group Insight Selling

RAIN Group’s training covers a wide range of topics, from foundational sales principles and consultative selling to strategic account management, sales prospecting, virtual selling, and sales negotiation. The training is modular and can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of an organization.

  • Why you should consider it: Recognized for its expertise in sales research and insight selling, which focuses on gaining a deep understanding of customers to establish trust and rapport with buyers.
  • Location: Flexible, including online and onsite options
  • Focus: Insight selling
  • Format: Email, mobile app, online/virtual, and onsite; self-paced
  • Price: Online courses are $199 per month 
  • Certification/diploma: Can earn certification upon successful completion
  • Additional details: This program emphasizes the power of ideas to inspire buyers. Self-paced learning is offered with assignments, tools, and downloadable resources. 
  • Bottom line: Focused on enhancing deal-closing skills. Ideal for sales teams seeking to improve their selling approach through fresh insights.

9. Richard Harris: The Harris Consulting Group 

Richard Harris’s N.E.A.T. Selling™ Training and Reinforcement Program focuses on improving sales teams’ prospecting, qualification, discovery, and negotiation skills. It’s designed to increase pipeline quality, revenue, and forecasting accuracy to improve win rates and sales confidence.

  • Why you should consider it: Richard brings over 20 years of technology and SaaS experience in sales training, operations, and sales leadership into his role as a sales consultant.
  • Location: Available onsite and online
  • Focus: Empowering sales teams with the skills to better qualify deals, improve discovery, and accurately forecast while increasing net-new revenue retention
  • Format: Four-week intensive program, combining virtual and onsite options; weekly coaching sessions for both sales managers and teams; customized based on team size, market, and vertical
  • Price: Contact for details
  • Certification/diploma: Contact for details
  • Additional details: Recognized by major clients like Google and Zoom for immediate and impactful sales training results; addresses the modern sales landscape, including strategies for managing teams remotely
  • Bottom line: For sales teams seeking a tailored training program to elevate their sales process. Particularly beneficial for organizations looking to implement a data-driven, results-oriented approach, while fostering a supportive team environment.

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10. Cherilynn Castleman: CGI Executive Coaching

Cherilynn Castleman’s CGI Executive Coaching programs are designed to elevate the performance and confidence of sales professionals, with a special focus on empowering women of color (WoC) in the sales industry. Her offerings include recruitment, retention, and elevation strategies, sales cohorts for women, personal coaching, and keynote speaking engagements.

  • Why you should consider it: For 20-plus years, Cherilynn has been helping forward-thinking sales professionals and small business leaders develop highly effective growth strategies and innovative go-to-market models. She’s helped solve their toughest sales, leadership, and culture challenges 
  • Location: Onsite options for keynote speaking available; to learn more, visit her website
  • Focus: Recruiting, retaining, and elevating sales professionals, with a strong emphasis on supporting women of color (WoC) to achieve leadership roles in sales
  • Format: Individual coaching sessions for personalized guidance; sales cohorts and workshops for group learning; keynote speaking engagements for larger audiences
  • Price: Contact for details 
  • Certification/diploma: Contact for details
  • Additional details: Cherilynn’s book, “What’s in the CARDS? 5 Post-Pandemic Sales Strategies,” is an excellent resource for modern sales strategies.
  • Bottom line: For sales leaders aiming to boost performance and tackle high turnover by fostering a supportive environment based on DEI core principles

11. Richardson Sales Performance

Richardson Sales Performance offers a consultative selling workshop designed to enhance collaboration with customers. Its training emphasizes a customer-centered approach and outlines the critical selling behaviors needed to improve outcomes and reduce the sales cycle duration.

  • Why you should consider it: Specializes in consultative selling techniques, backed by years of experience in improving sales performance.
  • Location: Online
  • Focus: Consultative selling and customer collaboration
  • Format: Five four-hour virtual workshops via Zoom
  • Price: Contact for details 
  • Certification/diploma: No
  • Additional details: Includes assignments and interactive training tools
  • Bottom line: Courses offer live instruction and interactive tools to enhance learning and application. The use of “ineffective” and “effective” examples offers valuable guidance. Great for teams looking to improve their solution-selling approach through better customer collaboration.

12. Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist 

The Sales Evangelist, led by Donald Kelly, offers a comprehensive range of sales training programs designed to empower B2B sellers across various levels of expertise. These programs include foundational sales training, LinkedIn prospecting guidance, corporate sales training, and a sales mastermind group. Each program is structured to build lasting sales habits, improve pipeline generation through cold outreach, and enhance closing rates.

  • Why you should consider it: A former high-performing tech sales professional, Kelly now runs cohort programs to boost B2B sales team performance. He hosts “The Sales Evangelist,” a leading B2B podcast aiding sellers in pipeline building and conversion.
  • Location: Primarily online. Onsite and hybrid options are available for corporate training
  • Focus: B2B sales training with a strong emphasis on building sales habits, managing pipeline, cold outreach, and closing techniques
  • Format: Varies from self-paced modules to live, instructor-led cohort sessions, including practical exercises and real-world applications
  • Price: Contact for details
  • Certification/diploma: Contact for details
  • Additional details: Programs are action-oriented, focusing on goal achievement and peak performance. Includes access to a wealth of sales resources, tips, and ongoing support.
  • Bottom line: Well-suited for B2B sales professionals and organizations at various stages of growth seeking to refine their sales strategies, enhance pipeline efficiency, and improve closing rates.

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13. Brooks Group Training

The Brooks Group’s IMPACT Sales Team Training offers a tailored program focusing on the unique IMPACT methodology, designed to improve sales and customer retention.

  • Why you should consider it: Brooks offers decades of experience in sales training, underpinned by the proprietary IMPACT methodology for sales and customer retention.
  • Location: Online or onsite
  • Focus: Sales enhancement, customer retention, and relationship-building strategies
  • Format: Six two-hour sessions
  • Price: In-person for $2,495 or virtual for $2,195 per participant
  • Certification/diploma: Not specified; contact for details
  • Bottom line: While more of a financial investment than other programs, it promises new skills and knowledge that work across industries.

14. Alexine Mudawar: Women in Sales

Alexine Mudawar’s Women In Sales program aims to elevate, empower, and promote female sales professionals. The program offers confidence coaching and a community of 17,000-plus members worldwide to help women in sales change the game. It hosts live events, webinars, educational content, and resources focused on leadership, motherhood in sales, and job hunting. 

  • Why you should consider it: Backed by a decade of SaaS sales experience and numerous President’s Club awards, Mudawar is the CEO of Women in Sales, passionately committed to empowering women in sales and championing diversity by amplifying their voices in the industry.
  • Location: Primarily online, with in-person events to foster community engagement
  • Focus: Dedicated to supporting women in sales through confidence coaching, professional development, and creating equitable sales teams
  • Format: Virtual coaching sessions with personalized feedback and development plans; educational workshops and webinars; and subscription packages for different career goals. Access a “microlearning” platform with 20 video modules and coaching sessions with expert coaches across various fields
  • Price: Prices vary per session, ranging from $250 per one-hour session to $1,500 for other session types
  • Certification/diploma: Contact for details
  • Bottom line: Professional development for women in sales looking to build their personal brand, navigate their careers with confidence, and have access to valuable resources and a supportive community

15. ASLAN Sales Training

ASLAN Sales Training offers a range of virtual and in-person workshops tailored for sales and leadership development across various sectors. These workshops are designed to enhance sales techniques and leadership skills. Some courses include advanced tracking through cloud-based dashboards.

  • Why you should consider it: With a focus on leadership and sales development, ASLAN offers comprehensive training supported by innovative tracking and development tools.
  • Location: Online with onsite training options
  • Focus: Leadership and sales development
  • Format: Workshops available in half-day, full-day, and two-day durations
  • Price: Pricing ranges from $5,000 to $19,500, depending on workshop length and content
  • Certification/diploma: “Train the Trainer” certification for sales leaders
  • Additional details: Uses a cloud-based dashboard for coaching and tracking
  • Bottom line: Comprehensive coverage of sales roles, hands-on certification, and ongoing team development. An ideal program for sales teams seeking a transformative approach to sales training with a focus on leadership.

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16. Challenger Sales

Challenger Sales Training teaches reps to challenge customer assumptions, leading to better decision-making. This approach focuses on changing the sales conversation from pitching to educating, offering unique insights, and building widespread support within the customer’s organization. 

  • Why you should consider it: Based on extensive research into sales effectiveness, offering a unique perspective on customer engagement
  • Location: Online
  • Focus: Insightful selling and stakeholder engagement
  • Format: Includes instructor-led, e-learning, and hybrid courses; self-paced
  • Price: Contact for details
  • Certification/diploma: Not specified; contact for details
  • Additional details: Tailored for a variety of sales roles
  • Bottom line: Teaches a new selling methodology; offers hands-on experience teams can use immediately to put insights into action. Perfect for teams who are ready to upgrade their old sales techniques for new strategies that challenge customers to think differently

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17. ValueSelling Training

ValueSelling Associates offers a customized, value-based sales training program tailored to B2B professionals. It’s designed to tackle sales challenges through a structured, question-based selling approach focused on customer value. It teaches sales teams to build relationships by offering solutions that provide tangible benefits, improve a customer’s business, or address a particular issue. This approach helps establish credibility and trust, leading to more successful sales outcomes.

  • Why you should consider it: Distinguished by its structured, value-based selling approach and supported by decades of experience in B2B sales training
  • Location: Online and in-person options
  • Focus: Sales process development
  • Format: On-demand e-learning, facilitator-led workshops, and self-paced
  • Price: Available upon request; contact for details
  • Certification/diploma: Not specified; contact for details
  • Additional details: Incorporates a six-step process for practical application
  • Bottom line: Focuses on customer needs, building stronger relationships, higher customer satisfaction, and solutions tailored to specific challenges. Ideal for sales teams seeking a flexible, value-focused training program with a customer-centric approach.

18. Cynthia Barnes: “Women. Sell. Better.

Cynthia Barnes, a renowned speaker and author, champions gender diversity in sales through her unique training programs. She focuses on leveraging the strengths of female sales professionals, such as relationship building and emotional intelligence, to boost sales performance. 

  • Why you should consider it: Recognized for her expertise in empowering women in sales, Barnes offers invaluable insights into recruitment, training, and retention strategies. 
  • Location: Detroit-based; offers on-site training
  • Focus: Women in sales; diversity, equity, and inclusion; authenticity in selling
  • Format: Free webinars available online; contact Cynthia for more information
  • Price: Contact for details
  • Certification/diploma: Contact for details
  • Additional details: Barnes’ methods include partnering with companies to create diverse, high-performing teams, reflecting her commitment to transforming sales strategies and fostering inclusive work environments 
  • Bottom line: Ideal for those committed to embracing inclusivity, enhancing women’s sales skills, and creating environments where diverse talents thrive and drive business success.

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19. Korn Ferry 

Korn Ferry’s sales training, led by Miller Heiman Group, focuses on transforming sales culture and improving leadership skills through innovative technology and immersive learning.

  • Why you should consider it: Global leadership in organizational consulting has established Korn Ferry’s authority in developing effective sales and leadership skills.
  • Location: Onsite and virtual classroom options available
  • Focus: Targets sales behavior transformation, customer engagement, and account growth
  • Format: Virtual classrooms and some onsite, instructor-led trainings. Most courses are 16 hours.
  • Price: $1,825 to $1,950 (depends on location; contact for details)
  • Certification/diploma: Offers multiple certifications across sales disciplines
  • Bottom line: A well-respected sales training program, ideal for organizations aiming to elevate their sales team’s effectiveness and customer experiences. Uses cutting-edge technology and immersive learning journeys.

20. Janek Performance Group

Janek Performance Group offers award-winning sales training programs that are built to deliver lasting behavioral change and improve sales performance long-term.

  • Why you should consider it: Award-winning sales training programs, built on the latest sales effectiveness research and best practices
  • Location: Las Vegas-based with online and onsite workshops offered in various U.S. locations
  • Focus: Modern sales techniques designed to shift thinking from what you’re selling to how you’re selling it. Their “Critical Selling Skills” course, for example, is aimed at enhancing sales effectiveness; it covers building trust, creating value, and closing with confidence.
  • Format: Classroom and virtual with interactive exercises
  • Price: $1,245 per participant for virtual, live instructor-led workshops and $1,495 per participant for classroom instructor-led workshops
  • Certification/diploma: Certificate of completion
  • Additional details: Includes post-course app support
  • Bottom line: Designed to enhance long-term sales effectiveness. Ideal for sales professionals seeking to improve their skills comprehensively.

21. Lori Richardson: Score More Sales

Lori Richardson and the Score More Sales team use your team’s data to determine strategy. Much like a doctor evaluates a patient, they only recommend a course of action based on the results of your reps and sales managers through a comprehensive survey. Their sweet spot is with teams from 10-100 sellers in tech, manufacturing, distribution, and financial services. They specialize in leadership growth, creating sales processes, and improving team performance. Their comprehensive approach includes SalesHero Coaching and the award-winning Women Sales Pros “She Sells” program for women on male-majority sales teams. 

  • Why you should consider it: Richardson spent years in B2B sales and sales leadership and keeps current by continuing to sell — often working as an interim CRO. She has been a force in the B2B sales world, earning praise for her “roll up her sleeves” approach and the work done for more inclusive sales teams over several decades.
  • Location: Virtual and throughout the U.S. and Canada for hybrid programs or sales keynotes
  • Focus: Data-driven strategies to help companies increase opportunities, expand their sales pipeline, close more deals, and develop sales leaders
  • Format: Coaching, consulting, and strategic advisory services
  • Price: Contact for details
  • Certification/diploma: Five programs have certifications
  • Additional details: Offers training via the SalesHero Coaching program, ValueAdd Consulting, SellForward Strategy, SheSells Program, and TeamUp Advisory
  • Bottom line: Ideal for midmarket and enterprise companies in North America looking to enhance their sales techniques

22. Corporate Visions Sales Training

Corporate Visions offers a comprehensive suite of sales training programs designed to enhance the sales skills of your team by focusing on the psychology of customer decisions. These programs are rooted in decision science and tailored to different stages of the customer journey, from acquiring new leads to expanding existing customer relationships.

  • Why you should consider it: Incorporates decision science in its training programs, making it unique in addressing the psychology behind customer decisions
  • Location: Global availability (online); headquarters in Reno, NV
  • Focus: B2B sales skills development
  • Format: Online modules, virtual classrooms, and instructor-led training
  • Price: Varies by program and format; contact for details
  • Certification/diploma: Not explicitly mentioned; contact for details
  • Additional details: Emphasizes behavioral research and real-world application; includes specialized modules like Master Digital Selling™
  • Bottom line: Science-backed approach, flexible learning formats, comprehensive coverage of the sales cycle, and ongoing coaching. For sales teams seeking an in-depth training program with flexible learning options to improve sales effectiveness across the customer journey.

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From sales training to sales triumph

When it comes to sales training, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. But that’s the beauty of it. The diversity of options means that there’s a path for every team, every culture, and every set of challenges. Whether you’re looking to sharpen your team’s prospecting skills and negotiation techniques or simply instill more confidence in your sales force, there’s a program out there for you. The key is to stay curious, open-minded, and relentlessly focused on empowering your teams.

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John Barrows CEO, SellBetter by JB Sales

John Barrows has trained some of the fastest-growing sales organizations in the world including Salesforce, Linkedin, Box, Slack, Amazon, and Zoom. His goal is to change the negative perception of sales because he believes that when sales is done right, it’s one of the greatest professions in the world. John is also the co-author, with his daughter, Charlotte, of the Amazon bestseller children’s book “I Want to Be in Sales When I Grow Up.”

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