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Learn new skills, connect in real time, and grow your career in the Salesblazer Community.

Who Is a Salesblazer?

A group of Salesblazer wearing Salesblazer hoodies
A Salesblazer is someone who strive for person and company excellence. [Salesforce]

Salesblazers are sellers, sales leaders, and sales operations professionals looking to achieve sales excellence and grow their careers. They close deals, make customers successful, and help their companies grow.

I dropped out of college to sell cell phone accessories. Thirteen years later, I’d worked my way up to become a top seller at IBM and eventually, Grubhub. I got to where I am because I had the support of my community at every step.

So many of us have similar stories. We’ve dedicated valuable time searching for answers to do our jobs and get ahead, all while feeling the pressure to close deals. Sometimes it feels like we’re doing it alone. But not anymore. 

Today, we’re re-launching our Salesblazer Community, a place for sellers, sales leaders, and sales operations professionals to learn new skills, connect, and grow their careers.

Introducing Salesblazer

Salesblazer is the place for sales professionals, by sales professionals. It’s where you can:

  • Learn new sales skills: Level up your sales career with the latest skills for AI and sales through Trailhead. Showcase your expertise with the Salesforce Sales Representative Certification.
  • Connect in real-time: Share knowledge, ideas, and network. Exchange best practices with fellow sales professionals for every step of your sales cycle.
  • Grow your career: Stay ahead of the game with the latest technology best practices – from sales analytics and performance insights to AI-generated productivity.

Who is a Salesblazer? 

Salesblazers include everyone from aspiring sellers to top leaders. We get deals done, make customers successful, and help our companies grow.

I was promoted to sales manager after just six months at an AT&T store, managing a team of six. I’ll never forget how they looked at me on that first day, sizing me up like a stray dog on the side of the road. Was I friendly or would I bite? I could sell, sure, but could I lead? 

I went home that night and reached out to every sales leader I knew, sounding the alarm for help. The advice I got: “Lead by example.” So I walked the sales floor every day. I showed my team how to ask powerful questions and listen intently, how to unbox the product and put it into the customer’s hands, and tell them a story that made them feel they couldn’t live without it. Skeptics became believers.

You’ll find Salesblazers walking the floor like I did. We’re leading by example. We’re creating a movement, where sales excellence drives company excellence. 

Where can I find the Salesblazer Community?

The Salesblazer Community is everywhere – on Slack, at, at events, on social media, and beyond. 

We meet online in the Salesblazer Community Group, which brings together the power of learning, content, and connection. This is where you can help others – the same way someone once helped me. 

Mr. Ali owned a small cell phone store next door to my grandma’s barbershop. At the time, I felt like I was going nowhere: a bad student with no prospects. Instead of writing me off, he hired me.

That is community: someone believing in you, and opening the door. Literally. My first boss opened the door to his store and walked me through the basics. I fell in love the moment I made my first sale (a cell phone case) and dropped out of college to pursue sales full-time.

The Salesblazer Community takes what happened in that store — the connection that got me started — and makes it accessible to anyone.

Join the Salesblazer movement

I didn’t find my love for learning until I found sales. I didn’t find my people until I found sales. I didn’t find my future until I found sales.

I still remember that handshake in Mr. Ali’s cell phone store when I was offered my first sales job, and all the hands I reached out to for help in the years since.

Now, I’m offering mine. Will you take it?

Join the Salesblazer movement

We’re building the largest and most successful community of sales professionals, so you can learn, connect, and grow. 

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