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Allows JavaScript developers to validate fundamental competencies.
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JavaScript Developer I Certification: Unlock new career opportunities

Learn how JavaScript developers can build their Salesforce credentials and skill up with the JavaScript Developer I Certification.

Did you know there are now 50+ resume-worthy Salesforce Credentials, including certifications and superbadges? With so many opportunities to prove you have experience with Salesforce and up-level your career, now is a great time to get Salesforce certified.

Businesses need talent with Salesforce skills to drive their digital transformation. Whatever your career path, Salesforce Credentials help you show your domain expertise and prove to employers, current, and future, that you have the know-how and skillset to accelerate their transition to a digital-first landscape.

In fact, close to 95% of all websites use JavaScript, and there are over 11 million JavaScript developers worldwide.

The Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I certification allows JavaScript developers to validate two fundamental competencies:

  • Standard JavaScript developer skills
  • Hands-on development skills for those working with JavaScript-related technologies, like Lightning Web Components

Your JavaScript certification journey

  • JavaScript Developer I proctored multiple-choice exam — for Trailblazers with 1–2 years of experience developing front-end and/or back-end JavaScript applications for the web stack. Ideal candidates should have experience using JavaScript-specific design patterns for programming and be able to combine JavaScript with CSS, HTML, and other markup languages.
  • Lightning Web Components Specialist superbadge — validates Trailblazers’ knowledge in developing fully functional Lightning Web Components. Ideal candidates should be able to use JavaScript and Salesforce Lightning Design System to create base and custom Lightning Web Components, using Lightning Data Service to manipulate Salesforce data and create Lightning Message Service channels to communicate across the Document Object Model (DOM).

Gain core skills before you unlock the superbadge

To set you up for success on your journey to gaining the Lightning Web Components Specialist superbadge, we created a series of core badges that give you the core knowledge you need to become a successful Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer.

Use Trailhead resources to get certification-ready

There are many resources on Trailhead — Salesforce’s free online learning platform— to help you prepare as you embark on your JavaScript Developer Certification journey:

Dive into your certification!

Are you ready to become one of the first Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developers? Great, let’s do this, Trailblazer! Visit the Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I Credential page for more information on this exciting certification, including details on accessing every available study resource on Trailhead.

Also, remember to share your success on social using #CertifiedPro so everyone can follow along!

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