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Interested in Salesforce Tower? Here’s more about the building

Salesforce Tower, at 1,070 feet in height, uses 50% less energy per square foot than the median office building in the U.S. [Alexander Davidovich / Adobe Stock]

The tower opened its doors to employees in 2018. Find out more about this tower and other Salesforce properties.

It’s hard to miss Salesforce Tower, particularly on a sunny day in San Francisco. All 61 stories of this architectural wonder gleam across the city, filling out a stunning skyline unlike any other in the world.

Salesforce Tower opened its doors to employees in 2018. It’s 1,070 feet tall, with 1.4 million square feet of office space.

Visitors sit and enjoy the view in the 61st floor's lounge area

Interested in learning more? Here are some of the articles we’ve run about Salesforce Tower and other company properties:

A Look inside Salesforce Tower: Get an inside look through the eyes of an employee working in the building.

Salesforce Tower Construction Worker Looks Back, and Down: A visit with Ellen Quigley, who helped build the San Francisco tower.

Finally! I Rocket to the Top of Salesforce Tower: A visit to the tower’s famous Ohana Floor.

Introducing Salesforce Tower Chicago: The 813 foot tall, 57-story tower will be located at the foot of where the north and south branches of the Chicago River converge. It’s expected to open this year.

Introducing Salesforce Tower Sydney: We’re excited to bring all of our regional employees under one roof right in the heart of Sydney’s central business district, Circular Quay.

Introducing Salesforce Tower Tokyo: Japan was the home of our first international office 19 years ago, just a year after Salesforce was founded in San Francisco. 

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Kim Peterson Managing Editor, The 360 Blog

Kim Peterson is managing editor of The 360 Blog at Salesforce.

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