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Salesforce to Open Top Floor of Salesforce Tower for Free Community Tours

View from the top of Salesforce Tower in San Francisco, California

Come Feb. 23 the best view in the City by the Bay will be free for tour groups to see — read more!

A little over a year ago we officially opened the doors to Salesforce Tower San Francisco. Now we’re inviting everyone to sign up for a free tour and come all the way up to the top of the tallest office building west of Chicago.

The Ohana Floor, on the 61st and top story of Salesforce Tower in San Francisco, will be open to four 50-person public tours one Saturday a month beginning Feb. 23. The best view in the City by the Bay will be free for all to see.

In other companies, the top floor might be dedicated to executive offices, but the Ohana Floor is an inviting and open space to sit and talk while gazing down on both of San Francisco’s world-famous bridges from a never seen before vantage point.

Visitors sit and enjoy the view in the 61st floor's lounge area

“It’s exciting to be able to welcome the community into our home in a whole new way,” says Elizabeth Pinkham, Salesforce’s Executive Vice President of Global Real Estate. “Our success – our customers’ success, really – has allowed us to open the doors of our headquarters, Salesforce Tower. Our values as a company inspired us to develop a program where we can share world-class views with the city where it all began.”

Starting Feb. 23 the Ohana floor will be open one Saturday a month for four one-hour tours of 50 people maximum per tour. Tours will be given 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. with breaks in between them for cleaning. Cameras are allowed and photos are encouraged! Got more questions? We have answers here.

All of our global Towers will feature an Ohana Floor. Today, Salesforce Tower San Francisco and Indianapolis’ are open with more on the way in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Dublin, and London.

Want a view from the top? Find out more about tours of Salesforce Tower by heading here.

Elizabeth Pinkham
Elizabeth Pinkham EVP, Global Real Estate

Elizabeth is the Executive Vice President of Global Real Estate at Salesforce. Her team creates inspirational work environments that are welcoming, trusted, and uniquely designed for the happiness and success of our Ohana family of employees, customers, partners, and communities.

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