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How One Entrepreneur Is Changing the Talk Around the Gender Pay Gap

How One Entrepreneur Is Changing the Talk Around the Gender Pay Gap

After adopting Salesforce Essentials, PepTalkHer has now increased its productivity, alignment, and focus on client relationships.

What if women never had any doubts about their self worth? What if they knew exactly how much they deserve and never thought twice about negotiating? That’s precisely the world Meggie Palmer, founder and CEO of PepTalkHer, envisions.

Studies show that as children, boys often receive more allowance than girls. Once working professionally, only 34% of women tend to negotiate salary. And when taking the leap to start a business, research shows that money and access to capital is the top struggle for women business owners.

As a witness to these statistics in her everyday life, and in the lives of fellow female colleagues and young women, Meggie knew she needed to start PepTalkHer — a business that empowers professional women to know their value. PepTalkHer’s app helps track everyday career wins for women, so they have data-backed proof for salary negotiations or promotions.

Using Technology as a Platform for Change

From the get-go, Meggie knew client relationships would be the heart and soul of her business. In order to create a community of women who use the PepTalkHer app and advocate for closing the gender gap, she had to invest in both engaging and growing relationships. That’s why Meggie started looking into a customer relationship management (CRM) system. 

After experimenting with a number of CRM systems, Meggie adopted Salesforce Essentials. Since running her business on it, her team has increased productivity, alignment, and is now more focused on client relationships.

“Salesforce allows us to have a central hub of all of our prospective and current clients so that we can effectively market to them, talk to them, sell to them now, and also into the future.”

With Salesforce Essentials, Meggie is able to track leads, monitor company revenue, and automate the busy work — whether she’s in the office or working from her phone on the go. With the Gmail integration, Meggie can create canned responses, schedule emails, and pull information from her inbox into Salesforce to ensure it’s visible to her team.

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This has done wonders for their workflow. Meggie adds: “In addition to the hours saved on the team, the peace of mind, and assuring nothing falls through the cracks, Essentials has given me the brain space to focus on strategic parts of the business, one-on-one relationships, and building new relationships.”

When it comes to advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, Meggie emphasizes the power of passion and believing in your business impact.

“Do something that you’d be passionate about for 10 years even if you wouldn’t make much money. For me, it’s all about helping women know their value and worth. And even though it may take time to build your revenue, it shouldn’t matter — you’re investing in your company’s impact and your future.”

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