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What Does It Take to Start a Business? How Passionate Small Business Leaders Overcome the Odds

What Does It Take to Start a Business? How Passionate Small Business Leaders Overcome the Odds

What does it takes to run a business? We talked to small business leaders at Dreamforce ‘18 and they had a unanimous response. Read the post to find out how small business leaders overcome the odds.

Small businesses are personal.


When a single mother of two tells you she’s going to leave her well-established career to start a small business, you know what you shouldn’t say to her?


“Don’t do it.”


Small businesses are born of passion and personality, and of collected experiences that make a person say, “There’s a better way to do this, and I’m the one to figure it out.” So when Y’vonne Sisco-Ormond knew it was time to leave her job at a big name consulting firm to found a practice driven by client success and giving back to her community, she wasn’t interested in “don’t do it.”


What she needed was support for her vision, and a suite of tools to help her build and run 5P Consulting the way she wanted to run it: with speed, transparency, and the flexibility to allow employees to work anytime, from anywhere.


Of course, part of blazing trails in small business is understanding that the best laid plans often take a back seat to the unexpected. You’ve got to be prepared to roll with the changes, and to be the one ultimately responsible for how your business adapts to whatever comes its way. Whether you’re a one-man band or leading a team of 200, when it’s your business, it doesn’t matter if the fires break out in marketing, sales, or operations: They’re your fires to put out.


But just to be sure we weren’t getting it wrong, we talked to small business leaders at Dreamforce ‘18 about what it takes to run a business. Their response was clear: whatever stage your company is at, and whether it’s needing to deliver better customer support, or meeting your own team’s needs, it’s all about getting it done — whatever “it” means on any given day. And doing it on a budget and timeline that works for your company.


That’s why we created Salesforce Essentials, an app that gives you the basics of sales and customer support for one simple price. After all, you don’t have time to switch between a half dozen apps every time you need to sync meeting notes or share a file with your team. And you can’t be bound to working from any one device when you’re bouncing from the office to client meetings to working from home after dinner with the family. We know you’re never wearing just one hat. You need visibility into everything going on across your business, whenever and wherever a need might arise.


We made Salesforce Essentials to give small businesses all the power of Salesforce, built — and priced — for the way you run things.


But don’t take our word for it. Watch the video and hear from small business trailblazers like Y’vonne, Scott C. Wilson (Founder, That Software Guy), and Karen Okonkwo (Co-Founder, TONL).




Salesforce Essentials helps you find more customers, win their business, and keep them happy so you can grow faster than ever. Follow @Essentials on Twitter to learn more about Salesforce Essentials, the easiest way to get started with CRM.

Malachy Walsh

Malachy is an experienced creative leader with an extensive background in digital, mass marketing, event creation, strategic vision, and team building. Over the course of his career, he's delivered results for brands like Sprint, AT&T, Nokia, Cub Foods, Safeway, Bank of the West, White Wave Foods, Sun Microsystems, and others. Some of the work has also had the good fortune of being honored with industry accolades that include being inducted into the NY MoMA Archives. In his spare time he writes plays and makes short films.

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