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The Generative AI Stories You Cared About Most in 2023

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We produced a lot of content about generative AI in 2023. What were you most interested in? [Rax Qiu, generated with AI / Adobe Stock]

Our most-read generative AI blog posts of 2023 all had something in common: They showed business leaders were hungry for practical guidance.

Generative artificial intelligence might be the only thing that’s had a bigger year than Taylor Swift. 

What can you say about a technology that, in under a year, captured the world’s imagination, became the #1 tech spending priority, spawned countless news articles, drew the attention of the White House, and was featured on “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,” “60 Minutes,” “Saturday Night Live,” and “South Park”? 

Of course, the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) extended far beyond the realm of pop culture. In the enterprise world, generative AI has shaken up fields from marketing and sales to service and ecommerce. Business leaders were eager to embrace this exciting new technology, and hungry for ‌practical guidance on how to get the most out of it. 

As 2023 winds down, we took a look back at all the stories we’ve published this year about generative AI. There were a lot. From AI terminology glossaries to prompt-building guides, here are the most-read generative AI posts of 2023. 

10. 11 Time-Saving GPT Prompts for Sales

Crafting a good GPT prompt can be deceptively simple, but getting it just right requires nuance that can deliver a big productivity win, especially in sales. This post shows salespeople how to use GPT prompts to write sales pitches and emails, analyze market data, and more. We give specific, tested examples of prompts to use for sales enablement, customer research, social selling, call scripts, objection handling, and negotiation guidance. 

9. 4 Ways Your Contact Center Can Get Started With Generative AI 

Contact centers handle service inquiries coming in over the phone, email, chat, and social media. How can you stay on top of all these inquiries in the most efficient way? This June post lays out specific scenarios of how generative AI helps agents solve customer problems faster, more efficiently, and with more empathy, regardless of how customers get in touch. 

Advice for C-suites anxious about generative AI

Many business leaders are privately jittery about generative AI. They know they need to do something, but what, and how? Here’s our advice. 

8. 5 Ways Generative AI Is a Game-Changer for Ecommerce

Predictive AI has been used in ecommerce for years. For example, “you may also like” product recommendations, and automated customer support. In this post from July, we overview the ways generative AI will change online shopping, from more nuanced personalization and digital concierges to automated promotions and better fraud prediction. 

7. How To Drive Data and AI Success With Salesforce Certifications

The best technology in the world isn’t worth much if people don’t use it. This post introduces two new Salesforce certifications that help businesses build a team of in-house people with the expertise to make the most of their Salesforce AI and customer relationship management (CRM) investments. These credentials will not only help you gain valuable AI skills, but also give your company a competitive edge. 

6. Learn AI Skills on Trailhead

According to a recent survey, 67% of global business leaders want to use generative AI, but the same number of IT leaders said their employees don’t have the skills to use it. It’s no surprise then, that this post — an overview of foundational AI skills — quickly became one of the year’s top performers. It explains how businesses can give their employees the skills they need to use AI safely and effectively.

5. 3 Ways Generative AI Will Help Marketers Connect With Customers

When’s the best time to send a promotional email? Do customers prefer email or text? Preferences can often be hard to quantify, but generative AI promises to take the guesswork out of building customer loyalty. This June post describes how the combination of generative AI and CRM helps marketers analyze customer data much faster and at scale. In a survey, more than half of respondents said efficiencies like this would save them five hours per week.

4. IT Leaders, Here’s How To Use AI to Delight Your Customers 

What role does AI play in keeping your customers happy? A big one. This October post looks at how AI enables greater personalization, speed, and smoother interactions between you and your customers, from outreach and marketing to sales, service, and beyond. Further, AI helps you see around corners, anticipating customer needs and problems before they arise.

3. AI From A to Z: The Generative AI Glossary for Business Leaders

Are you lost in the weeds of AI lingo? Don’t know the difference between GPT and NLP? This regularly updated glossary is your go-to resource for AI terminology. You don’t have to be an engineer to speak the language, but knowing the basic terms can help you make the most of AI for your customers and your teams.

2. 3 Ways Generative AI Will Reshape Customer Service

In February, we looked at how generative AI will help companies deliver better customer service, and increase their chance of hanging onto customers. Nearly half of customers cited bad service as the main reason they switched brands last year. AI improves the experience with smarter chatbots, auto-generated knowledge articles, and case swarming.

1. AI Is Coming — Here’s How To Get Ready 

Business leaders are grappling with a serious case of AI FOMO. Our most-read AI post of the year asserts that they’re scrambling to understand the risks and opportunities of AI while trying not to fall behind the competition. This July post lays out steps to safely introduce AI into your organization, show employees their role in an AI-first company, and safeguard data with AI.

The top AI news of 2024 will likely be about implementation

As we close the chapter on 2023, the AI adventure continues. Where this year was all about understanding generative AI’s possibilities, 2024 will be the year businesses‌ invest in and implement it. As ‌the technology and its use cases evolve, we’ll continue to help you make sense of the top AI news in 2024.

Lisa Lee Contributing Editor, Salesforce

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