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Learn, Connect, and Have Fun at Trailblazer Community Conferences

Experience the magic of a Trailblazer Community Conference near you.

Discover Trailblazer Community Conferences and how you can immerse yourself in learning and fun created by and for the community.

While each year thousands of Trailblazers attend core Salesforce events like Dreamforce and TrailblazerDX, there’s another kind of Salesforce event you should know about. Trailblazer Community Conferences, also known as Dreamin’ Events, are community-led learning conferences that happen globally throughout the year.

Whether you’re a Salesforce newbie eager to learn and network with the Trailblazer Community or a longtime Trailblazer ready for a boost of inspiration, Trailblazer Community Conferences are for you, and there’s a good chance one is happening in your area!

What is a Trailblazer Community Conference? 

Trailblazer Community Conferences are in-person and virtual conferences created, organized, and managed exclusively by members of the Trailblazer Community. These grassroots events come to life from the hearts and minds of incredible community members who volunteer their time and energy to bring together regional Community Groups and Trailblazer Community members to spark new connections and ideas. Attendees come together learn from peers, build their Salesforce network, and give back to their local community.

Currently, there are more than 40 Trailblazer Community Conferences across 16 countries worldwide, ranging from 200 to over 1,000 attendees. Check out this calendar of Community Conferences happening right now!

Spotlight: Dreamin’ In Color

Dreamin’ In Color was founded by Tiffany Spencer, a Salesforce MVP, Community Group Leader, and the CEO of Tech Forward. Dreamin’ In Color is geared toward current or aspiring Black Salesforce professionals to discuss how to succeed, overcome obstacles, and grow thriving careers and businesses in the Salesforce ecosystem. This three-day event leads up to Juneteenth and features an opening keynote, 50+ sessions, networking events, an expo hall, and more.

Community Conferences like Dreamin’ In Color have become a way for the next generation of Trailblazers to not just get their foot in the door, but also feel embraced by the community with open arms.

For Bamlak Haile, attending Dreamin’ In Color felt like destiny. Originally from Ethiopia, Balmak learned about Salesforce in 2021 while working in a coffee shop in Virginia. His lifelong knack for meeting people led him to discover the Trailblazer Community. There, he met Talia Johnson, who invited him to attend Dreamin’ In Color in 2022. Bamlak presented at Dreamforce later that year and, most recently, landed his first job in the Salesforce ecosystem at Agile Cloud Consulting.

Photo: Bamlak Haile

Apply yourself and meet as many people as you can, find a mentor or a sponsor. When I met people at the conference, I was introduced by my mentor who said, ‘Have you met Bam?’ That puts a lot more weight behind your name.”

Bamlak Haile

One of Bamlak’s favorite memories from Dreamin’ In Color was finally meeting the Trailblazers who guided him on his Salesforce journey – Talia and his mentor, Salesforce Hall of Fame member, Sharif Shaalan. This year, he’s looking forward to reuniting with Trailblazers he met and continuing his education as a lifelong learner.

Spotlight: North Africa Dreamin’

Houssam Saoudy was introduced to Salesforce in 2014 and is now 20x certified and the first Salesforce MVP in Africa. He has also been running the Casablanca Developer Community Group for several years to support regional Salesforce users in connecting with each other.

After visa issues prevented him from attending Dreamforce, Houssam decided to organize a conference in his region to support Trailblazers around Northern Africa. He connected with other Community Conference organizers for advice and best practices, reached out to sponsors, and sought volunteers to help bring the event to life.

In 2019, North Africa Dreamin’ was born. It was a huge success, drawing in Trailblazer Community members from all over the globe. Today, it’s the only Salesforce conference in Africa and a great way  for Trailblazers to connect with other Salesforce professionals in the region. Check out this recap from North Africa Dreamin’ 2022 where regional Trailblazers came together once again post-global pandemic

Find a Community Conference near you

Feeling inspired by the force behind Trailblazer Community Conferences and interested in experiencing the magic? Attend a Community Conference near you and immerse yourself in the learning and fun created by and for the community.

To learn more about Community Conferences, check out the Discover Community Conferences unit of the Trailblazer Community Groups module on Trailhead.

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