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Trick or Trailhead: Mystery at AI Manor

Brandy, Cloudy, Max, Astro, Ruth, Einstein, and Codey stand outside for Trick or Trailhead at AI Manor.
You’re invited for an evening of fun at AI Manor.

Can you help Astro solve the mystery at AI Manor? Join Astro and friends for a fun night turned mysterious and help them solve a whodunnit!

Attention Thrill Seekers: Trick or Trailhead is now over. But your learning adventure has just begun! Head over to the Trailhead Quest page and explore the featured quest, monthly quests, and more!

For Trailhead’s 9th annual Trick or Trailhead celebration, you’re invited to complete the first-ever hands-on mystery module. Attend a mysterious dinner party where you’ll get hands-on with flow and help solve a classic whodunnit. Uncover the culprit, and you’ll earn a spooky limited-edition Trick or Trailhead badge and a whopping 2,500 points.

Trick or Trailhead at AI Manor

You are cordially invited to join Astro and friends for an evening of Trick or Trailhead at AI Manor. Our evening’s host, Astro Nomical, CEO of Astro, Inc., has invited a few of their closest friends and colleagues to an intimate dinner party. But as the manor’s fireplace crackles and the conversations flow, it’s not long before strange things start to happen.

How to participate

Astro needs your help! Your job is to get to know our cast of characters, help restore normality at AI Manor, and uncover who caused the confusion at the party and why! Are you up for the challenge?

To participate, complete the Trick or Trailhead at AI Manor module between October 17, 2023, 9:00 AM PT and November 30, 2023, 11:59 PM PT. Upon completion, you’ll earn the limited edition Trailhead badge. This module will only be available during this period, so roll your sleeves up and help solve this mystery before it’s too late! And not to frighten you out of your formal wear, but as a reward for helping Astro solve this mystery, all the points for this module have grown to a monstrous size — 2500 points!

Add this year’s badge to your collection of Trick or Trailhead badges from years gone by. How many have you collected?

Display of every Trick or Trailhead badge from 2016 to 2022.

Solving mysteries is more fun with friends. Share your acco[mplishment on social media using #TrickOrTrailhead when you earn your badge, and challenge your fellow Trailblazers to solve this mystery for themselves.

So whodunnit? Help solve the mystery of Trick or Trailhead at AI Manor!

Andy Bergman
Andy Bergman VP, Trailhead Content Development

Andy is the VP of Trailhead Content, our free learning platform at Salesforce that breaks down barriers to learning and creates an equal and accessible pathway into the Salesforce ecosystem for anyone. He has spent the past eleven years at Salesforce, helping customers learn new technology skills, soft skills, and Salesforce skills via instructor-led courses to free self-study badges.

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