Bold climate action
is the only way forward.


We’re bringing the full power of Salesforce to accelerate the world's journey to net zero.


Our priorities for a sustainable future.


Our vision is to accelerate the world's largest businesses to net zero, sequester 100 gigatons of carbon through conserving, restoring, and growing 1 trillion trees and protecting our oceans, and energize the ecopreneur revolution.

To achieve net zero residual emissions, we focus on six sustainability priorities. We hope other organizations will be inspired to join us and use our plan as a blueprint for building a more sustainable future.


Business As Usual

Expected trajectory based 
on historic trends as defined 
in our Climate Action Plan Expected emissions trajectory as defined in our Climate Action Plan

Best Guess

Expected emissions trajectory as defined in our Climate Action Plan

In-Line with 1.5C

Expected trajectory with 50% reduction of FY19 emissions 
in FY31


Expected trajectory with compensation measures including renewable energy and carbon credits

At Salesforce, we consider the planet a key stakeholder.


Salesforce has net zero residual emissions, achieved 100% renewable energy for our operations, and is a founding partner of

We actively engage policymakers, our peers, partners, suppliers, and customers to accelerate our collective impact. 


We need all businesses to use not only their influence, but also their core competencies to rapidly innovate to tackle climate change.”


Suzanne DiBianca

Chief Impact Officer,



Take climate action.


Climate Action Plan

Learn about our six sustainability priorities, which can be a blueprint for others to accelerate their net zero journeys.

Strategies for Net Zero Now

Hit the trail and create a Climate Action Plan for your business.

Plant the Seeds for a More Sustainable Future

Conserve, restore, and grow trees with

Go net zero now with Net Zero Cloud.

The planet needs climate action now, which is why at Salesforce we are committed to ambitious climate leadership solutions that create ripple effects. We’re on a mission to drive urgent action, and we hope you join us on the journey.

  • Easily track, analyze, and report on environmental data, including supplier data across all Scope 3 categories
  • Set aggressive science-based targets and continuously monitor the net zero achievement plan
  • Share real-time, investor-grade dashboards with key stakeholders on net zero progress