We were so impressed with the ease and speed of building apps with Salesforce Platform that we chose it as our platform for the future.”


Salesforce helps Brown-Forman employees work better together and save time

In the crowded wine and spirits business, a fun and engaging personality helps brands stand out from the competition. Brown-Forman, the company behind Jack Daniel’s, Finlandia, Southern Comfort, and other leading brands, uses Salesforce not just for managing sales, but to deliver a vibrant social intranet to keep their global team aligned, build a strong culture, and instill the “cool factor” that engages employees.

In fact, more than 1,500 Brown-Forman employees are using Salesforce Chatter, allowing the company to collaborate and create custom actions to increase sales and productivity on the go with the Salesforce1 Mobile App.

As one of the world’s largest spirits manufacturers, Brown-Forman sells in more than 160 countries. Although individual brands market independently, the worldwide sales team supports all of them. These front-line employees build excitement and loyalty while keeping consumers engaged with the portfolio of brands.

Brown-Forman started their customer-company transition by using Salesforce to manage sales teams internationally, as well as relationships with distributors, retailers, and the bars and restaurants where their products are sold to consumers. Customization and deployment was so fast that the company quickly decided to add a new social intranet — built with Salesforce Platform — to replace a static SAP portal so their 3,000+ employees can stay up to date on company news and collaborate more effectively to help customers. Employees can customize their intranet views to automatically show relevant groups and information like product and promotion updates. Social feeds let employees share information with colleagues around the world and follow topics of interest. And, it’s easy to access from mobile devices, so reps stay connected with colleagues while in the field. “With the Salesforce1 Mobile App, employees can access important information from anywhere via mobile devices,” explains Jennifer McClinton, Director of Technology Development. “Not only are they more productive, but they build the strong relationships that are the backbone of our corporate culture.” Additionally, Brown-Forman can create rich relationships with their customers with the most powerful 1:1 digital marketing platform — Marketing Cloud.


With Salesforce, it took us less than 15 minutes to build, test, and deploy the business critical custom publisher action.”


A taste for custom apps

“We were so impressed with the ease and speed of building apps with Salesforce Platform that we chose it as our platform for the future,” says McClinton. “Now we can focus on streamlining business processes, not infrastructure.” To date, the company has built more than 45 custom apps on Salesforce Platform to replace legacy Lotus Notes tools. The new apps do everything from managing branded assets to streamlining back-office processes for supply chain and finance teams, with workflow and approvals built in. Single sign-on means employees only have to log in once to use the intranet and all the apps.

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