Delta Air Lines

We ask questions and get answers in real time.”

Kristen Shovlin, Vice President - Sales Operations at Delta Air Lines

Delta takes off with Salesforce

Today’s aviation companies are constantly looking at ways to compete more effectively on a global scale. Delta Air Lines, together with its Delta Connection carriers, offers service to 318 destinations in 57 countries on six continents. When the company wanted greater visibility into interactions with agency and corporate partners around the world, it looked to Salesforce to help its sales team communicate and collaborate.

Initially, Delta needed an easy way for the global sales team to share account information, and better address the needs of important corporate and agency clients. In a matter of weeks, the organization rolled out Sales Cloud for integrated account, contact, and activity details. Now sales representatives have a more complete picture when calling on prospects or enhancing service to existing accounts. A call center app automates corporate and agency programs, helps sales associates track requests, and measures program value.

“Delta has full visibility into opportunities and programs across the globe,” says Kristen Shovlin, Vice President – Sales Operations. “Field sales teams also access Salesforce on their mobile devices, making it easy to update accounts on the go.” To further improve collaboration on deals and accounts, Delta rolled out a Chatter social network. Nearly 100 Chatter groups help employees find the right information, fast. The communications team also uses Chatter to build awareness of new messaging, share files, and bring the right people easily into the conversation.

“With social tools, we’re seeing the benefits of real-time collaboration among our representatives without incurring the significant costs that are often associated with combining systems,” says Meri Falciglia, General Manager – Sales Support. “Our sales account executives can ask questions and get answers from their colleagues quickly. It’s really helping our business move ahead.”


Delta has full visibility into opportunities and programs across the globe.”

Kristen Shovlin, Vice President – Sales Operations at Delta Air Lines

New technology and a shared vision means unlimited visibility for Delta

Ultimately, Delta and Salesforce have a shared vision of innovation that makes the partnership special. “Each year we go to Dreamforce and learn the vision for where Salesforce is taking its technology,” says Michelle Ward, Manager – Sales Technology. “The vision is continually expanding, which is the vision that we have for our technology at Delta — creating customer solutions and sales manager solutions that are best in class and innovative.”

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