ENGIE is a Trailblazer

ENGIE sees a greener future with Salesforce.


ENGIE empowers customers to transition to zero carbon.

Global energy player ENGIE has transitioned into a zero-carbon future thanks to the power of digitization. From Shanghai to Santiago, the company is helping its customers reduce their carbon footprint by taking advantage of energy-efficient equipment, renewable energy, and smart technology. To do this, ENGIE has created a new business model, offering integrated zero-carbon solutions as a service.

To support this pioneering business model, ENGIE needed customer-centric solutions to help it understand customers across more than 70 countries so it could create services tailored to their needs. The company’s management knew they needed a common customer relationship management (CRM) system to support the global, innovative, and tailor-made solution needs of their customers. The CRM solution would deliver a 360-degree view of each customer, allowing the organization to effectively execute its new strategies.

ENGIE is a Trailblazer in the clean energy movement.

In 2016, ENGIE, a French company, decided to eliminate businesses that are not convertible for a zero-carbon world from the Group's business areas and to focus on renewables and energy savings, creating a new customer-centered solution: zero-carbon transition as a service.

Isabelle Kocher, ENGIE’s CEO, wants to invent a positive zero carbon transition, for companies, local authorities and citizens. She believed that the future of energy begins with decarbonization, decentralization in energy production, and digitalization.

“We had a revolutionary idea and value proposition. We needed to be supported by revolutionary tools,” Kocher said. “If there is one tool we need, it is the Customer 360 Platform. It’s the only way for us to be able to have a really client-centric approach and a global approach.”

Becoming client-centric was essential to ENGIE’s new business model of providing zero-carbon transition solutions. To offer suitable solutions, the company needed to understand a client’s energy usage to assess the best way to reduce it.

Customer intelligence allows the development of bespoke solutions.

“If there is a company in the tech world that for 20 years has really put the customer first, it’s Salesforce,” said Yves Le Gélard, ENGIE’s EVP, Chief Digital Officer & Group CIO. “Therefore, it didn’t take us long to pick Salesforce as our strategic partner at this defining moment where we pivot from the old world to the new.”

Everything the company does now starts with the customer. Yves Le Gélard believes Salesforce Customer 360 is a critical part of this new world because it allows ENGIE’s business units to share intelligence on what customers want and need. “The zero-carbon journey is different for each customer,” he said. “Their energy solution has to be tailor-made, based on market and customer intelligence, and Salesforce is home for this particular intelligence.”


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Service Cloud

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Einstein Analytics

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ENGIE sells and delivers zero-carbon transition solutions with Salesforce Customer 360.

ENGIE uses Salesforce Customer 360 to unify its customer relationship efforts, giving the company a single, shared view of each customer’s data across 24 business units. ENGIE’s marketing, sales, and service teams can now collaborate and quickly deliver tailor-made solutions for its customers.

To drive its zero-carbon solutions as a service, ENGIE uses Sales Cloud and Einstein Analytics to give sales teams the right information and actionable insights in a single view. For example, employees receive insights into which customers need energy solutions to meet sustainability targets. With Marketing Cloud and CPQ for Communities, the company’s marketing team creates a seamless experience across every touchpoint and enables resellers with real-time product and pricing information.

The company launched a new consultancy business, ENGIE Impact, to help organizations execute sustainability strategies. The new business benefits from AI-driven intelligence that identifies opportunities, enabling it to cross-sell and upsell to existing ENGIE customers.


If there is a company in the tech world that for 20 years has really put the customer first, it’s Salesforce. Therefore, it didn't take us long to pick Salesforce as our strategic partner at this defining moment where we pivot from the old world to the new.”

Yves Le Gélard | ENGIE’s EVP, Chief Digital Officer & Group CIO

Information sharing on a global scale empowers field technicians.

ENGIE recognized early on that customer support would be crucial to its solutions as a service — and to help customers on their journeys to sustainability. Service Cloud and Field Service Lightning empower ENGIE’s 100,000 field technicians and enable them to become trusted advisors to customers. Technicians can identify and address customers’ concerns — whether it’s about a faulty solar panel or replacing old light bulbs with energy-efficient ones.

“The power of the cloud connects our people. They're able to share a lot about the technologies they're using,” said Yves Le Gélard. “If you talk to a field technician who operates a Siemens turbine in Chile, for example, you’ll find that he shares a lot of information with his Singaporean colleague who operates the same sort of turbine in Singapore.”


ENGIE commits to a better future.

The company is forging ahead with its trailblazing goal to be the leader in zero-carbon transitions and to help create a sustainable world. Internally, it is driving initiatives toward greater diversity and gender equality, empowering its employees to support its goal.

“We are aligning our organization to the purpose of bringing change,” said Isabelle Kocher. “Our goal has triggered an immense degree of mobilization internally. It's something I’d like to share with other organizations — that if they choose a purpose that’s meaningful, they’ll attract an incredible amount of energy and support from their people.”

In addition to its customer-centric transformation, the company works on its employee-centric digital transformation. For ENGIE, that work will be with a partner that shares its values. “Salesforce’s values resonate with ours,” said Gwenaëlle Avice-Huet, ENGIE’s EVP, Global Renewable Business Line and CEO of ENGIE North America. “It is bold and caring, for example — elements that are also key for our people, to make sure they’re aligned with our mission and purpose.”


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