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Working with Salesforce, we’ve re-defined our product development process and the customer experience we deliver. It’s great for customers—and also our bottom line.”

Vala Afshar, Chief Marketing Officer of Extreme Networks

Connecting everyone to everything pays off for Extreme Networks

Each day hundreds of millions of people use social networks, staying on top of the latest news from families, friends, and businesses. What if your devices could share status updates with you—just like your friends? What if those updates could be part of the social news feeds you’re already using, like Facebook or Twitter? Extreme Networks is bringing the Internet of things to life.

Thanks to the company’s ground-breaking network management technology—called issac—Extreme Networks routers can post alerts to social networks, just like people. They can tell you—via Facebook—when everything’s fine, or tweet when experiencing unusually heavy traffic. Admins can use these same networks—or Salesforce Chatter—to reboot a server in a location hundreds of miles away. According to Vala Afshar, Chief Marketing Officer, “When users can communicate with their devices via the public and private social networks that they already use, productivity skyrockets.”

It’s not just devices that need to stay connected to help businesses succeed into today’s world. Customer companies, like Extreme Networks, are bringing together employees from across the globe and connecting everyone with customers to reach new levels of agility and fuel growth. Extreme Networks sales, service, and product development teams collaborate via Chatter to help customers. “Chatter helps us deliver the level of engagement that our customers expect in today’s market,” says Afshar.


We had a 257% ROI with Service Cloud.”

Vala Afshar, Chief Marketing Officer of Extreme Networks

Building stronger connections with customers

And with 12,000+ customers in over 80 countries, offering fast, responsive service is a priority. Enterprise networks are business-critical and many of Extreme Networks customers have service level agreements that require faulty devices to be replaced within days. When there’s an issue the company needs to act fast—and it needs to have easy access to its full inventory of products.

The company customized Service Cloud to give agents a streamlined way to understand customers’ technology footprint, service history, and maintenance contracts. Now the company can more effectively monitor service level agreements, product returns and issues, and limit its exposure to costs incurred by under-entitled customers.

The company also uses advanced predictive analytics to provide unparalleled proactive customer service via Salesforce. “Using a weighted sum algorithm based on customer contact, type of contact, customer satisfaction scores, and more, we can predict customer temperature and alert the appropriate management team to take proactive measures,” said Mike Lytle, Director, Global Technology Services & Operations.

Agent productivity has skyrocketed. And, with increased visibility into service levels, agents can keep service logistics costs down and capture new service revenue streams. The company reports an ROI of 257%—or a $2 million annual benefit—from its use of Salesforce.

According to Afshar, “Working with Salesforce, we’ve re-defined our product development process and the customer experience we deliver. It’s great for customers—and also our bottom line.”


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