Japan Post

Salesforce helps us align to meet customer needs.”

Atsuo Saka, Vice President AT Japan Post

Japan Post delivers for 100+ million customers with Salesforce

It's hard to think of an organization that touches the lives of more Japanese citizens than Japan Post. Offering insurance, personal savings, and postal services, it serves 100+ million banking customers and delivers a staggering 16+ billion pieces of mail each year. To effectively manage its three business lines, and keep employees at offices across the country connected and aligned around customers, Japan Post counts on Salesforce.

"We needed a flexible system to help manage our businesses that would be easy to adapt as customer needs change," says Yoshihiko Oota, Director, Post Office System Planning Department. "But it also had to be simple enough that it could be used by people with a wide range of skill sets at our 24,000 post offices. Only Salesforce met the criteria."

Sales Cloud gives Japan Post real time views of business performance for all of its branches and product lines. "Information from post offices all over the country can be checked in an instant," explains Oota. "Traditionally, data on postal, savings, and insurance services was separate, but Salesforce has given us an overview we didn't have before." In addition to business metrics, employees can see complete customer profiles, including account data, and what products have been purchased.

In the past, all of this information was collected from individual branches by the head office, collated, and then distributed. Since introducing Salesforce, data is automatically compiled, reducing errors and saving significant amounts of time. "Now our employees can spend less time on administration and more time helping customers," adds Oota.


Traditionally, data on postal, savings, and insurance services was separate, but Salesforce has given us an overview we didn't have before.”

Atsuo Saka, Vice President AT Japan Post

Delivering greater efficiency

Apps built with the Salesforce Platform are helping the organization become more efficient in other ways too. More than 15 tools manage everything from retail banking compliance to confirming parcel collection to paying part time staff. Japan Post can rapidly develop new apps, and quickly roll them out across the country.

"It's fast and easy to build and deploy new apps with Salesforce," says Oota. "Instead of spending time on development and maintaining infrastructure, we can stay focused on building tools that help us meet customer needs."


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