Salesforce helps us lower operating costs and improve customer satisfaction.”


Rosetta Stone speaks the language of customer satisfaction with Salesforce

Rosetta Stone uses the latest technologies to help people learn new languages. Its first products were distributed on CD-ROM, but the company evolved along with the Internet and mobile shift, and products are now sold online and accessible from anywhere on any mobile device. As its business model continues to change, Rosetta Stone relies on Salesforce to help it manage relationships with corporate customers and keep them happy. “We’re becoming a subscription business, and keeping customers engaged is more important than ever before,” says Mark Moseley, Interim CIO. “Salesforce is helping us become a customer company — allowing us to connect with customers and collaborate with employees in real time.” Rosetta Stone’s business-to-business unit markets to corporations and government agencies that want to help employees quickly learn one of 30+ languages, and higher education clients that use its products as part of their own language classes. Sales Cloud helps reps manage accounts and opportunities, and every transaction — including purchases, downloads, or support issues — is captured in Salesforce records. A customer service team of 500+ agents, spread among call centers in India, Japan, Korea, the U.S., and other remote locations uses Service Cloud to respond to inquiries that come in via chat, email, Facebook, or phone. With Salesforce, agents can work together to solve issues and easily escalate them if needed. “The majority of our customers don’t want to pick up the phone when they have an issue, so it’s important that they can connect with our service reps from their platform of choice, including chatting with us from directly within the product,” explains Moseley. “We’re in 100+ countries, have operations in 8 languages, and offer courses on more than 30 — so it’s no small feat to keep up to speed on every customer interaction,” adds Jeff Hines, VP, Global Retention Marketing. “Salesforce helps us collaborate and streamline communication internally so we can be more efficient. It enables us to capture customer feedback in a way that can improve our business and satisfy our customers.”


We’re in 100+ countries, have operations in 8 languages, and offer courses on more than 30 — so it’s no small feat to keep up to speed on every customer interaction.”


New rules of engagement

For a subscription business, keeping customers engaged is essential for maintaining renewal rates. Integration with backend systems makes it easy for reps and agents to see information on customer progress and success, so they can customize communications and make every interaction personal. “We know when to congratulate learners, or offer advice. Or when we need to give a gentle nudge to keep them going,” says Hines. “It’s not just about response times or having the right answers anymore,” says Hines. “With the 360-degree views provided by Salesforce, we can get closer to customers and keep them engaged and renewing.”


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