I see Advisory Services as a vital contributor to the success of our endeavors. They are trusted advisors who elevate our relationship with Salesforce from being a supplier to a key partner.”

Christian Tchatchouang, Head of the SELL Domain Delivery

Vodafone synchronizes global sales operations, aligns global customer experiences with Advisory Services

“When our CEO came to us one morning and asked for a complete view of our global opportunity pipeline, handing him that information was something easier said than done,” said Christian Tchatchouang, Head of Vodafone’s SELL Domain Delivery.


At the time, we would consolidate information from different sales markets into a spreadsheet, but by the time it was submitted, the information would already be out of date and not very useful.”

Christian Tchatchouang, Head of the SELL Domain Delivery

A partner for pipeline success

Vodafone wanted to achieve this complete view of its global opportunity pipeline while ensuring that a customer expanding their business had the same great sales experience working with Vodafone no matter where they went. However, accomplishing this is a challenge when you’re a worldwide telecommunications company with thousands of salespeople working across 24 different markets, all with different selling practices, Salesforce platform instances, and even different CRM solutions altogether.

“We needed something that could work with the scale of our company; a single tool that would enable all of our sales teams,” adds Tchatchouang.

To do everything desired in this new, consolidated platform, Vodafone identified Salesforce as the only technology capable of getting the job done.

Next, Vodafone looked for an essential partner for taking on this herculean challenge of guiding and supporting its efforts as each market was consolidated. That essential partner was Salesforce Advisory Services.  

Salesforce’s mission is to connect companies to their customers in a whole new way, and Advisory Services brings in Salesforce’s best minds in CRM and organization leadership to help customers like Vodafone realize all the benefits possible from transitioning into a single, global Salesforce platform.

“There is no platform out there like Salesforce, and no partner or consultant service like Advisory Services that provides the skills and knowledge we needed for this kind of transformative endeavor,” says Tchatchouang.

Vodafone utilized Advisory Services as a team of experts on the Salesforce platform to help guide implementation of the opportunity pipeline in each market. The Program Architect would conduct meetings with business and IT stakeholders to review operations and make adjustments to each market implementation. Since these recommendations were in alignment with the Salesforce roadmap, it also meant Vodafone quickly utilized the new features and other benefits from Salesforce’s three releases per year.

“Reviewing all the features and services that Salesforce offers is like drinking through a fire hose. We wanted qualified experts with a deep reach into the Salesforce organization who could help us make the right choices,” says Tchatchouang.

The Program Architect also helped Vodafone get the most out of its Salesforce platform through prescriptive recommendations like improving knowledge transfer with Chatter, collecting product feedback, and help with integrating third party applications, such as CPQ, for consistent pricing and selling strategies.

Better data and faster analytics

Advisory Services also recommended using Data.com to automate data cleansing so sales professionals are empowered to sell faster and sell smarter, based on the best, most up-to-date information available. Using Data.com Vodafone sped up account onboarding from 5-7 days to near-instant verification, meaning fewer bottlenecks and happier customers.

“With Advisory Services’ recommendations, along with implementing new Data.com services, we’ve dramatically improved the quality of the data we collect for customer intelligence,” adds Tchatchouang.

Vodafone’s mission is not yet complete, but the global telco has since seen more than half of its markets align under a single global selling platform while increasing its global account coverage from 27% to more than 77%, contributing to an increase in sales win rates.

On the horizon, Vodafone continues to look to Advisory Services to help guide future market implementations, as well as provide guidance on upcoming Salesforce products and services that can improve Vodafone’s selling capabilities.

“Our teams look at our Advisory Services Program Architect as a constant source of advice, design and architectural input, as well as an effective problem solver. Our advisor is the go-to guy for all things Salesforce.” adds Tchatchouang.


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