Tommy Bahama

"With Salesforce we’re always connected to our most passionate customers."

-Stephanie McKinney
Vice President

Tommy Bahama embraces customer-centric retailing: “No business is an island”

The near-ubiquity of smart phones and the explosive growth of social networking are dramatically changing the retail industry. Today’s shoppers can easily compare products and prices on their mobile devices or tweet their experiences with a brand to hundreds of friends instantly. "These days, no business can afford to be an island," says Stephanie McKinney, Vice President at Tommy Bahama. "We have to stay connected to our most passionate customers."

Tommy Bahama's new guest services team truly defines customer-centric retailing. The team engages with the company's most passionate customers and collaborates to fulfill special requests like finding a floral bathing suit that fits or completely outfitting an island wedding. Every touch point immerses customers in the Tommy Bahama brand and maintains the company’s values.

Five-pineapple service

Salesforce helps Tommy Bahama learn more about passionate customers, capture and act on their feedback, and better service them in every possible way. Customers that post unfavorable reviews—customers rate products with pineapples instead of stars—or negative comments on social channels are automatically contacted. McKinney explains, "We want to connect with customers through every channel, wherever they travel. Every interaction with our brand should be like one long weekend."