Lead Nurturing in Salesforce

Business is all about relationships, and relationships need attention in order to grow and stay strong. Growing relationships with your potential customers is called lead nurturing.

Lead nurturing: The process of developing and maintaining relationships with customers at every stage of their journey, usually through marketing and communications messaging.

Automated lead nurturing uses software to send messages that are triggered by customer behavior or predetermined schedules. Since listening to potential customers and answering their questions is a crucial part of nurturing leads, automation tools also alert marketers to customer questions and comments in need of responses.

Salesforce offers easy-to-use, powerful tools for lead nurturing, including our marketing automation solution, Pardot.

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Trailhead: Pardot Lead Nurturing
Lead nurturing is personal, timely, and repeatable. Surprise customers with your attention to detail, delight them with your content, and engage them by listening before responding, and you’ll retain their business and earn their loyalty. Learn about lead nurturing and building a content strategy for engagement programs.

Today’s sales reps are more than salespeople. They’re advisors who know their customers’ businesses and challenges, and who can provide a personalized buying experience and solution. Understand how Salesforce Engage takes lead nurturing to a new place, helping sales reps work with marketing to engage the right prospects at the right time, and deliver personalized experiences.

Trailhead: Pardot Basics
Learn what Pardot is and how it can help you market to other businesses. Pardot tracks prospects as they interact with your company across all your marketing channels, including lead nurturing campaigns, so you can tailor your outreach.

Salesforce Documentation

Official Documentation: Engagement Studio
Learn all about Engagement Studio, Pardot’s next-generation lead nurturing product and the true intelligence engine of the marketing automation platform.

Official Documentation: Add the Add to Nurture Action to Page Layouts
Learn to use the Add to Nurture action to add leads and contacts to Pardot lists from Salesforce Engage.

Trailblazer Community

Trailblazer Community: 6 Tips for Getting the Most from Your Leads
Quick guide to using the leads object in Salesforce to make sure that potential customers get the attention they need.

Trailblazer Community: Add Prospects to Pardot Drip Programs in Your CRM
Step-by-step tutorial for adding or removing prospects from a drip program or other marketing initiative.

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