Qualifying Leads in Salesforce

All leads are not the same. Determining a lead’s level of interest in, and fit for, what you’re selling helps you decide whether or not to pursue that lead, and where to prioritize it relative to other leads. The process of deciding if a lead is a “good” lead or not is called lead qualification.

Lead qualification: The process of determining how likely a lead is to ultimately turn into a paying customer. Qualified leads are leads that have been determined to have a good chance at converting into customers.

A number of factors go into this process, and one company’s lead qualification can look very different from another company’s, depending on the size of the organization, how marketing and sales work together, and so on. When a company has separate marketing and sales organizations, marketing will often qualify leads first before passing them on to sales. In turn, the sales team may then conduct its own review in order to best direct resources to the most promising leads.

This is sometimes called the sales lead qualification process, as it results in sales qualified leads.

Salesforce offers powerful tools for managing, qualifying, and routing leads. Pardot, our B2B marketing automation solution, can also handle grading and scoring of leads before passing leads into your Salesforce CRM instance. Salesforce lead qualification helps take the guesswork out of the process, letting your teams focus on qualified leads.

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