Get data-powered
shopping forecasts
and holiday insights.

Get data-powered
shopping forecasts
and holiday insights.

We’re watching how and where over 1 billion shoppers are spending this holiday season. Explore our insights and find ways to improve your bottom line.


The digital surge over the last two years isn’t going anywhere. We predict online sales in November and December will reach $1.12 trillion worldwide and $265 billion in the U.S. While these are big numbers, they’re not an increase over 2021. Sales will dip 2% globally but increase 3% in the U.S. Online sales will remain well above pre-pandemic levels with a 55% global and 61% U.S. three-year sales increase compared to 2019. Explore all of our predictions to see how you can best capitalize on this year’s digital shopping season.


Economic challenges are hitting consumers hard this year. Online prices worldwide will grow 7% compared to 2021 and 15% compared to 2020. As a result of rising prices, consumers will place 7% fewer orders compared to the 2021 holiday season (5% fewer in the U.S.). Focus on delivering the right message at the right time at the right price through personalized shopping journeys to help earn wallet share.


Profitability will be top of mind for brands and retailers this November and December as rising supplier, labour, and transportation costs cut into the bottom line. Our research shows that 10% (approximately $14T) of retailer profits are at risk because rising costs are outpacing what can realistically be passed on to consumers. In light of this, we predict that 22% more customer service sessions will be aided by bots as companies turn to automation to ease margin pressure.


After 18 months of inflationary pressure, consumers are feeling the pinch. Our research shows that 42% of holiday shoppers will start early due to rising prices. We predict 29% of those holiday sales will occur in November, three weeks before Cyber Week even begins (5% higher than 2021). That’s why it’s more important than ever to be ready to meet your customers whenever and wherever they shop.


Sustainability is winning over consumers as 60% say they will seek out sustainable products and shipping options this holiday season. However, only 23% of brands and retailers are ready to deliver. Putting shoppers in control of their environmental impact is a winning strategy for all.

Stay tuned for our Cyber Week reporting.

Come back to explore actual sales figures and shopping trends from this year’s Cyber Week.
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