Get the tools to build a more sustainable future.

With a focus on six sustainability priorities, we’ve gathered resources that can help you take bold climate action and get to net zero now.


Climate Action Plan

Learn about our six sustainability priorities, which can be a blueprint for others to accelerate their net zero journeys.

Strategies for Net Zero Now

Hit the trail and create a Climate Action Plan for your business.

Plant the Seeds for a More Sustainable Future

Conserve, restore, and grow trees with

Emissions Reduction

Reducing emissions is the crucial first step every business must take in the fight against climate change. To put the planet on course for a 1.5°C future in the long-term, we need to monitor, avoid, and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions across both our operations and entire value chain, as well as spur systemic changes that will achieve emissions reductions at scale.

Emissions Reduction Resources


The Business Guide to Carbon Accounting

A guide to understanding carbon accounting, your organization’s environmental footprint, and how you can get started.

7 Ways Your Company Can Participate in the Race to Zero

Keep reading to learn more about the Race to Zero campaign plus discover actionable tips to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. 

Reducing Value Chain Emissions by Enabling Supplier Action

Provide your suppliers with tools and support that will enable them to take practical steps toward decarbonization.

Decarbonizing From a Work From Anywhere World

How to decarbonize real estate, reduce employee commutes, and increase remote work.

Business Travel in a Net Zero World

How to reduce business-travel emissions: a digital-first culture, maximizing sustainable travel booking and vehicle choices, and sustainable aviation fuel.

Adding a Sustainability Exhibit to Supplier Contracts

About a new legal addendum for Salesforce supplier procurement contracts, which incentivizes emissions reductions up and down our supply chain.

Carbon Removal

To address climate change, we need to enhance the natural carbon removal tools that are available today and scale the technology-based carbon removal opportunities of tomorrow. High-impact projects can improve people's lives, deliver environmental impact, and reduce/remove carbon today.

Carbon Removal Resources


Carbon Removal Can Help Your Company Reach Net Zero — Here’s How It Works

Curbing emissions will get you close to Net Zero. Carbon removal will get you to the finish line.

How Technology Is Helping Net Zero Efforts

How do you wrap your arms around a problem as big, complex, and consequential to humanity as climate change? At the center of all the solutions is sustainable technology.

Beyond Net Zero: How Nature-Based Solutions Help Tackle the Climate Crisis

While technology-based solutions will be essential to meeting our shared goals, natural solutions offer many co-benefits, like ecosystem restoration, biodiversity, and community impact.

Trillion Trees & Ecosystem Restoration

Our planet has two lungs — forests and oceans — drawing down carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and producing oxygen in turn. We have an enormous opportunity to invest in nature-based solutions and restore these vital ecosystems.

Trillion Trees & Ecosystem Restoration Resources


How Businesses Can Build Upon Salesforce Canada’s Reforestation Efforts With One Tree Planted

When businesses need a simple way to visualize “growth,” a tree is probably one of the  first metaphors that spring to mind. 

Salesforce's Tree Tracker

Track Salesforce's journey to conserve, restore, and grow 100 million trees by 2030, and help plant the seeds for a more sustainable future with

Salesforce Accelerates Ocean Sustainability Efforts

Get the inside scoop from commerce leaders on the front lines of digital innovation.

Education & Mobilization

Education and mobilization are essential to drive climate action, by raising awareness, building communities, enabling behavior change, and catalyzing a movement.

Education & Mobilization Resources


5 Ways To Drive A Greater Environmental Impact From Anywhere

The definition of “working successfully from anywhere” isn’t just about being more productive, even though that’s undoubtedly one of the greatest benefits.

Leading to Net Zero: 6 Key Priorities for Your Business's Sustainability Strategy

Creating a more sustainable future is everyone’s responsibility. Here’s what business leaders can do to use their power for good.

How To Develop a Net Zero Plan for Your Small Business

You don’t have to be a large enterprise to practice sustainability. Here are five steps to help you create a sustainability plan for your small business.


Innovation is needed to transform and expedite the path to decarbonization. We need to spark an ecopreneur revolution to inspire, enable, and foster new ideas and technologies to generate the change we cannot yet achieve.

Innovation Resources


Meet the Youth Ecopreneurs Who Will Shape #GenerationRestoration

Challenge calls for youth-led solutions to conserve and restore ecosystems in support of one of humanity’s greatest challenges — climate change.

An Inside Look At TELUS's Journey To Becoming A Leader In Sustainability

More significantly, TELUS has also announced a Sustainability-Linked Bond Framework, a Canadian first and a plan that ties ambitious targets with financial accountability. 

Ecopreneurs Are Leading a New Age of Net Zero Businesses

Being a business and operating with purpose are not mutually exclusive. Two ecopreneurs tell how it’s done.

Regulation & Policy

The planet needs clear and consistent science-based climate policies to accelerate towards the global goal of net zero. Our voice and our influence are powerful tools to drive change, so it's important to support lawmakers and regulators around the world to advance policies that positively impact our communities and planet.

Regulation & Policy Resources


Advocating for Climate Action

How organizations can engage in public policy conversations and advocate at global, national, regional, and local levels to create a sustainable future for all.

Ocean Climate Policy Priorities

These policy priorities will guide the company’s support for ocean health regulations, investments, innovations, and partnerships.

New Net Zero Reporting Rules Are Coming — Here’s How You Can Prepare

Get the inside scoop from commerce leaders on the front lines of digital innovation.

Take your company on the fastest route to net zero.

  • Easily track, analyze, and report on environmental data
  • Set aggressive science-based targets and continuously monitor the net zero achievement plan
  • Share real-time, investor-grade dashboards with key stakeholders on net zero progress
  • Perform scenario-planning simulations for emission reduction
  • Get accurate and timely supplier data across all Scope 3 categories

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