B-Well Together: Understanding the Pandemic

A series focused on building a healthier future with leading wellbeing experts.

Sessions are hosted live each day. Click here to view the schedule.

Updates on the COVID-19 Crisis with Dr. Larry Brilliant

A Q&A discussion about understanding the dynamics of a global pandemic including how to track emerging hotspots.
Dr. Larry Brilliant
Epidemiologist, technologist, philanthropist, and author

Finding Hope for Our Global, Social, and Environmental Future with Dr. Jane Goodall

Dr. Goodall explains cross-species contamination and what we can learn from this pandemic.
Dr. Jane Goodall
Primatologist, conservationist, anthropologist, author, and activist
COVID-19 Data Hub
Access and analyze trusted COVID-19 global data in our free Tableau dashboard.
The World Remade by COVID-19 | Scenarios for Resilient Leaders
Einstein Forecasting uses automated machine learning to predict your forecast.
Work Wellness Innovation During COVID-19
Some helpful trails during a time when we all need to work together, work differently, and look after our health and wellness.

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