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Time to Support Women Back into the Workplace

Leading Through Change

We launched the ‘Bring Women Back to Work’ initiative to encourage our partner network to join a growing community of like-minded businesses.

We’re living during a time when communities and organisations are pulling together and navigating a path through uncharted waters. Finding ways to lead through change, make a difference, and help friends, neighbours and colleagues are key.

In Switzerland, we have recently launched the ‘Bring Women Back to Work’ initiative and now, more than ever, we’re encouraging our partner network to get on board and become part of a growing community of like-minded businesses.

It’s no secret, of course, that women are underrepresented at every level in the workforce, particularly in the technology sector. Women returning to work after career breaks can often be overlooked, yet have a wealth of competencies and experience to offer employers.

The challenge is two-fold. On the one hand, employers need to know how to encourage women to return to work; on the other hand, women need to have the confidence to get back into the workplace, refresh their skills and understand their value to employers.

Today, many of the world’s leading technology companies have started their own programmes to support women returners, appreciating the expertise, dedication, knowledge and unique perspective that women bring to the organization.

At Salesforce Switzerland, our aim, through Bring Women Back to Work, is to provide our Salesforce Partners with a program that allows them to recruit new talent by supporting women who have taken long career breaks in their journeys back into business. And we do this by encouraging our partners to hire for attitude and train for skills.

Thanks to our huge Salesforce Partner ecosystem, new opportunities will be created for talented women reducing the diversity/equality ratio in our collective businesses.

Together, we aim to offer a comprehensive back-to-work programme that includes a 12-month coaching and learning experience to enable immediate job opportunities; training to refresh skills; a Salesforce ramp-up plan and ecosystem knowledge as well as fantastic networking opportunities.

In early April, we held our first Induction Day Webcast together with our 14 hiring partners, where more than 60 candidates had the chance to learn more about the Program, Salesforce and its great ecosystem.

It really is time for women returners to stop hitting brick walls. Time out of the workplace to raise a family brings a talent pool of resourceful, loyal women, adept at multitasking and looking forward to re-commencing their careers. And our workplaces will benefit from the experience and perspective that women bring to the workforce.

Making the transition back to work?

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