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Bank of Georgia: Digital Technology Transforming Customer Experience

How Digital Technology is Transforming the Bank of Georgia’s Customer Experience

Discover how Salesforce teamed up with the Bank of Georgia to digitally transform its customer experience.

Petra Jenner, GM, SVP Emerging Markets & Israel, explains how Salesforce teamed up with the Bank of Georgia to digitally transform its customer experience.

In this uncertain time, all organisations must take the necessary actions to boost their resilience, especially new ways to operate and to serve customers at scale. To customers, trust in financial service institutions (IFSs) and accessing funds and advice fast is more critical than ever.

Providing 24/7 service from anywhere, they can make customer journeys more convenient. Investing in intelligence will help them to make smarter decisions and scale as they grow.

The Bank of the Future will be a Digital Platform

At Salesforce we believe that the future of banking is digital. Everywhere, more banks are embracing technologies to reimagine their customer engagement strategies and to make better decisions through data. Today, they are building resilience to respond to crises. For tomorrow, they are innovating to succeed in an all-digital, work-from-anywhere world.

This context explains why JSC Bank of Georgia (or “Bank of Georgia“) has chosen Salesforce to deliver personalisation of its customer service operations. Indeed, the bank is the country’s first to embark on this step towards full digital transformation. This collaboration will enable the bank to provide a truly integrated, customer-centric journey, as well as a range of tailored solutions and services, all on a single platform.

The digital imperative stimulates growth

Whereas previously digital technology was seen as ‘nice to have’ by some organisations, today it is an imperative. Investing in digital innovations will stimulate growth and create even more opportunities. Ultimately it will better position organisations like the Bank of Georgia to serve, strengthen, and deepen relationships with their customers.

As businesses and communities emerge from the global pandemic, customer expectations will only continue to rise. By providing positive experiences at scale, IFSs can respond to consumer trends and look to the future with confidence. Doing all of this and ensuring security across the business will have far-reaching impacts on the financial services industry and confidence in our economies.

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