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How Businesses Can Go Beyond Transactions to Delight Customers

How Businesses Can Go Beyond Transactions to Delight Customers

Customers expect more than a simple transaction, they want personalised experiences across multiple digital touchpoints. Learn more here.

Today’s customer expects more than a simple transaction. They want seamless, personalised experiences across multiple digital touchpoints. And if businesses fall short, 32% of consumers say they will walk away. Even if it’s a brand they love.

Those businesses that use data to personalise the customer journey, build collaborative ecosystems, and put customers at the centre of everything they do are more likely to succeed.

Simplify and thrive with a single view of the customer

“For organisations to lead from a customer-centric position, they increasingly need a comprehensive view of the full customer journey, as well as the ability to obtain deep, granular insight on what is driving customer experience.” Mckinsey

A connected and personalised customer experience can be achieved by creating a 360-degree view of each customer, and by compiling clean data sets across purchasing history, previous inquiries, and lead sources. The easiest way to do this is with a single platform that integrates all sales, service, commerce and marketing activity.

This approach will yield consistent and repeatable customer experiences, working to cement customer loyalty and brand positivity.

Harness data to preempt customers’ needs

While many brands rely on customer surveys for insight, they fall short as a planning tool when used in isolation. Surveys are unable to accurately forecast trends, spotlight opportunities, or yield predictive insights.

With data, businesses can better understand customer needs. Armed with these insights, companies can target customers with appropriate 1:1 messaging. In practical terms, this could translate into rapid compensation for a flight delay or a pre-emptive outreach from an insurance company after a natural disaster.

Stay ahead by embracing a new era of commerce

Augmented Reality (AR) and social commerce have grown markedly during the pandemic. In 2020 alone, TikTok, Snapchat, and Facebook all launched their own social commerce platforms, and Shopify recently launched a toolkit for developing AR shopping experiences.

The pandemic has also accelerated customer expectations around order fulfilment. Businesses must now ensure reliable, quick, and safe delivery of goods – or risk losing custom to competitors with a more flexible delivery infrastructure.

Michelin case study: A single customer view, in action

Tyre manufacturer, Michelin, partnered with Salesforce to develop a tool to consolidate Michelin’s data (tyre references, sales history, and more) and make it accessible in real-time. The result: ENGAGE, a revolutionary new global programme that places the customer at the centre of its architecture, allowing staff and customers to communicate in real-time. What’s more, thanks to the Salesforce mobile app, Michelin staff are also able to consult this data on the move, helping them create and modify sales opportunities in the most flexible way possible.

Salesforce has truly transformed the way we interact with our customers.

Eric Chaniot
Chief Digital Officer, Michelin

Go beyond transactions with Salesforce

At Salesforce, we help businesses meet the evolving needs of customers, employees, and partners while ensuring operational resiliency and workplace flexibility. To find out how our solutions can unify your business to deliver seamless and streamlined experiences, get in touch.

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