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Your Free Customer Invoice Generator

Manufacturing Cloud: invoice generator

Stop spending hours creating invoices & start using a free customer invoice generator to tackle mundane tasks. Learn more here.

An invoice generator is a great time-management resource. It’s time to stop spending hours manually generating invoices and start using software to tackle mundane tasks so you can spend more time on your business plan. Salesforce can help you automate busy work like generating invoices.

Manage contacts better to sell better

We understand that your data might be split between your memory, random spreadsheets, and a large mountain of sticky notes you’ve nicknamed The Beast. If that sounds like you, don’t worry. We make it easy to add your business info to your CRM, like contacts (people you do business with) and account info (companies you do business with). After all, we’re here to organise all your data, not just some of it.

We help you clean up all of that info and get rid of duplicate entries. This means you always have everything you need when you’re talking to a customer, no matter what you’re talking about. No spreadsheets are necessary.

Plus, Salesforce for SMB automatically syncs with customer data from your email, so you don’t have to type it in yourself. (We call it “Einstein Activity Capture” because it’s so smart.) Now, you don’t have to spend any more late nights entering that info manually and can spend more time with your friends and family instead (remember them?).

Track relationships and deals

When you sell something to someone, you’re not just creating revenue, you’re building a relationship. Salesforce for SMB breaks down those relationships into stages (some people call them “sales stages” or “sales funnel stages”), so you can see how each relationship progresses as you move toward closing your sale (closing a deal). This way, you know exactly what you need to pay attention to — and why.

We even take it one step further, allowing you to project how much you think each deal is worth so you can get an understanding of what we call a “pipeline.” When your SMB starts generating more customers, it’s essential to have an invoice generator available so you can focus on more important tasks.

Respond to customers faster

Customers will always have questions. That’s why we give you an organised process to answer those questions and keep your customers happy, so they come back again and again and again. We teach you how to use “cases” (a fancy name for customer feedback) and “queues” (a system that helps you manage cases). Provide support across email, phone, chat, social channels and self-service help centre so you can help customers where they are.

Run your business from your phone

The future of work is already here. With the Salesforce mobile app, your office is wherever you are, because you can do the same things you do on your desktop on your phone. Update customer info on the go, prioritize which customer to call, and keep track of customer commitments from anywhere. The office has truly left the building. We’re not team Apple or team Android. We’re team you. You can get our app on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

See the health of your business in one place

Salesforce for SMB allows you to translate the many ways you measure your business into reports and dashboards. We get you started with free, prebuilt reports and dashboards that help you run your business. Customise as much as you want, so you can use the metrics that are relevant to your business needs.

Want a visual snapshot of how your company is doing? You can turn those reports into beautiful, easy-to-read charts and graphs. With one click or tap, you can see how much revenue your deals might be worth (there’s that pipeline we talked about), which deals need help and where, where customer support cases are coming from, and which customer feedback you should fix first. Coupled with the invoice generator, Salesforce for SMB is a one-way ticket to success!

Do more every day with apps you already use

Every business uses different tools to make things happen. You might store files in Dropbox or sign contracts in DocuSign. Salesforce for SMB is built to work with all of those and more, so you can get more out of the invoice generator and apps that already work for you.

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