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Noltic Fostering Young Talent in Academia

Noltic Fostering Young Talent in Academia

Noltic became one of our Salesforce Academic Ambassadors in Ukraine — inspiring and educating young talent. Learn more here.

Inspiring and educating young talent is an investment in our future. This year, Noltic, a Salesforce Consulting and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner, became one of our Salesforce Academic Ambassadors in Ukraine. Noltic has already partnered with over 15 universities to introduce Salesforce to students. Noltic’s impact? More than 1200 students of Computer Science and Business Analysis learned about Salesforce technology, 200 students attended Career Days, and 600 students applied for the Salesforce course. At least 100 became Trailblazers and 25 students passed their first Salesforce Certifications.

Wondering how? Continue reading and get inspired.

What is the need for universities to collaborate with Salesforce Partners?

The tech world is evolving rapidly, and so is the talent market. One of the primary challenges for universities is to adapt swiftly to market needs, preparing competitive young talent with the right skills to find a job. Universities seek support in providing practical classes with hands-on experience and teaching students the latest technologies and business practices.

As the #1 CRM in the world, the Salesforce Ecosystem will open around 9.3 million new jobs worldwide by 2026. These positions will include administrators, developers, consultants, Salesforce product experts, and more. This is where Salesforce Partners can make a huge impact by bringing new talent into the Salesforce ecosystem, especially in countries with significant potential for tech students. 

As an implementation vendor, Noltic focuses on Marketing Cloud, Nonprofit, Sales and Service Clouds, and Revenue Cloud, mainly delivering in Europe, the UK, and the US. The team also builds AppExchange apps. As a Workforce Development Partner, Noltic is dedicated to teaching Salesforce to young talent in Ukraine.

Here’s how Noltic, as a Salesforce Academic Ambassador in Ukraine, addresses the talent gap:

Guest Lectures. Noltic’s Salesforce Certified Experts deliver presentations to students covering discussions on Salesforce products, best practices, industry trends, case studies, and career opportunities within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Open-Door Days. Noltic regularly opens its doors to students to tour the office, interact with Salesforce developers, and discover what Salesforce Partners do.

Internship. Noltic believes that having a well-experienced personal mentor is crucial in growing net new talents. That’s why they created a program where every intern who comes to learn Salesforce with Noltic, has an assigned Salesforce Certified Developer and a personal development plan that includes Trailhead trails, Salesforce certifications, and work on real projects. Students are involved in developing AppExchange apps for 1-3 months. They gain their first hands-on experience with Salesforce Product Development, learning the full process – from idea and discovery to architecture and Security Review.

Diploma Thesis Support. The last project was a Bachelor’s diploma on the topic “Development of a Customisable Calendar on Salesforce”. A Salesforce Certified Architect from Noltic was mentoring a student at Ukrainian Catholic University for six months and supporting her with an understanding of all the technical details she was describing in her work.

One-Semester Salesforce Course. For a few years in a row, students were invited to join a free 4-month Salesforce course, and now Noltic integrated the course as part of a Bachelor’s degree at a top-ranked university in Ukraine.

“In 2021, during my second year at Lviv Polytechnic University, Salesforce crashed into my world. Professors invited us into an open class led by a Salesforce Architect. That Salesforce lecture sparked my interest, and I attended Noltic’s Open Door Day, took their Salesforce Course, became a Trailblazer, and got my first Salesforce certification. And, voila, I got hired by Noltic and officially joined the Salesforce Ecosystem”

– Maria, student of Lviv Polytechnic University and trainee Salesforce Developer

How’s Salesforce supporting Ecosystem partners and education institutions?

Over the past year, Noltic has gotten access to vouchers for free initial certifications for graduates of the Noltic Salesforce course, along with marketing support, access to various Salesforce learning materials, and assistance in inviting international guest speakers from Salesforce, Salesforce Trailhead Academy, and other Salesforce Implementation and Workforce Partners.

“Having the Talent Ecosystem team behind Noltic helps us create a true Salesforce environment around the students – with all its celebrating culture and customer-first approach,” said Tereza Dychka, Head of Marketing at Noltic.

Was there any challenge around the projects /during the courses with the different universities that you had to face?

Noltic said their biggest challenge is to motivate students to pay attention to the new technology. A few guest lectures or events are good for inspiration, but most of their time students spend learning Java, Python, and JavaScript. That’s why in 2023, Noltic took a step further and integrated the Salesforce course into the academic curriculum. It’s a one-semester course that includes 4 modules and teaches young talents Apex, Security, Process Automation, Web Basics, and more. After the course, students will be familiar with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Marketing Cloud.

This year, it was an elective course at Ukrainian Catholic University that enrolled 18 students. As the final exam, future talents are passing their first Salesforce Certifications: Salesforce JavaScript Developer I or Salesforce Platform Developer I. The course is taught by Noltic Salesforce experts plus guest speakers from Salesforce and Trailhead Academy.

“Integrating the Salesforce course into academic studies has a few great outcomes. One of them is talent marketing in the Salesforce industry. The other is a strong partnership between educational institutions and Salesforce. We not only teach UCU students but also integrate Salesforce CRM and Nonprofit Cloud for the university to optimise their academic management,” adds Igor Petrovych, Co-Founder, and CEO at Noltic.

If you are interested in building similar collaboration in the Salesforce Ecosystem. Please look at the Talent Ecosystem website and get in touch with us.

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