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Sales Insights: Salesforce at the Catholic University of Portugal

Sales Insights: Salesforce at the Catholic University of Portugal
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Salesforce collaborated with Catholic University of Portugal to bridge academia and technology, focusing on enhancing sales cycle understanding for management students.

Salesforce collaborated with the Catholic University of Portugal to bridge academia and technology, focusing on enhancing the understanding of the sales cycle for management and economics students. The workshop provided practical sales insights, explored Salesforce technology and a fun pitch challenge.

1. Engaging with academic institutions

In a recent initiative carried out by the Salesforce Women Network of Portugal, Salesforce sought to bridge the gap between academic institutions and the rapidly evolving technological landscape by engaging with the Catholic University of Portugal in Lisbon to give students a glimpse into their future, giving them sales insights, and teaching them about the future of CRM and businesses. The aim was to introduce students, particularly women, to the world of technology and foster a partnership between the university and Salesforce in Lisbon.

2. Prioritising topics and target audience

The workshop focused on enhancing students’ understanding of the sales cycle and its impact on the tech world. It was noticeable that many students lacked real-world knowledge of sales, especially in a corporate environment, and the workshop aimed to address this gap. As they will be future users and decision-makers in the ecosystem, it was key to introduce them to the importance of the tech industry nowadays. This session was open to the entire faculty, mainly targeting management and economics students who ranged from 18 to 22 years old.

3. Integrating Salesforce into the workshop structure

The format of the workshop was designed to integrate Salesforce into the students’ learning experience, led by an Account Executive, Solution Engineer, and a Sales intern from Salesforce. The session began with a presentation on the company, followed by an exploration of the importance of customer-centricity and sales in the tech industry. Finally, a practical exercise involving a pitch for a Salesforce mug was then introduced, prompting students to work in groups and devise creative pitches. This approach not only engaged the students but also provided a real-world application of the theoretical concepts previously discussed.

4. The Sales Pitch Challenge: Discovering Sales Insights

The workshop included a unique exercise where students were given the challenge of pitching a product, in this case, a mug, to a panel of judges. The students had one to two minutes to make their pitch, and the exercise not only allowed them to showcase their creativity but also provided valuable insights into the world of sales and marketing. This activity ended with a showcase of the students’ pitches, and the winning team voted for by them was set to receive Salesforce mugs as a reward. Besides, some of the scholars were interested in the internship opportunities that Salesforce could offer them in the near future.  By including Salesforce in this workshop, the students were able to foster a deeper understanding of the sales concepts and techniques used in the actual business world. 

“Great experience joining this session on Sales Cycle at Catholic University! We covered the key steps in the sales process, from prospecting to closing. Discussion was super helpful for understanding how to navigate this important aspect of business. The students engagement made the session truly valuable. Look forward to seeing another sales skills session in action!” 

Nádia, Cloud Account Executive at Salesforce

Tiago, Account SE at Salesforce

“Engaging with bright young minds from the Economics & Management fields, we delved into real-life challenges within large commercial organisations. From dissecting the intricacies of the sales process to igniting creativity with a fun Salesforce mug pitch contest, the session fostered a dynamic exchange. It was a moment not only to impart knowledge but also to glean insights from the perspectives of future decision-makers.”

Tiago, Account SE at Salesforce, further said, “Our aim was clear: to illuminate how Salesforce can empower organisations to revolutionise customer connections. It was an enriching experience, reaffirming our commitment to shaping the minds that will drive tomorrow’s transformations.”

5. Impact and future opportunities

The engaging and interactive nature of the activity left a lasting impact on the students, prompting them to think critically and creatively. The combination of the theoretical presentation with the practical exercise helped them gain a holistic understanding of Customer 360 and sales insights to launch them in their future professional careers.

One of the key takeaways from the workshop was the exposure that students gained to the Salesforce ecosystem. Many students were unaware of the presence of Salesforce in Portugal and were unfamiliar with the company’s operations. This exposure not only broadened their understanding of CRM but also provided them with valuable insights into the practical aspects of working in the real world. The initiative marked a promising start to a potential partnership between Salesforce and the academic institution, setting the stage for future collaborations and educational endeavours.

As technology continues to shape the future, initiatives like this workshop play a crucial role in preparing students for the evolving landscape of the technological business world. By providing valuable insights and hands-on experiences, academic institutions and tech players can work together to equip the next generation with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in a technology-driven society.

“As a university student, the experience of immersing myself in the dynamic environment of another institution was truly enriching. At the same time, I could comprehend the significance of Salesforce as a company for future professionals in the new landscape of the workforce.”

Julia, Sales Intern at Salesforce

The success of this workshop underscores the importance of bridging the gap between academia and industry, laying the foundation for a more integrated and updated approach to education. As the partnership between Salesforce and the Catholic University of Portugal progresses, it holds the promise of empowering students with the tools and expertise to navigate the ever-changing world of technology and business.

Let’s continue this path together!

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