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How We Make Salesforce Germany a Great Place To Work From Anywhere

How We Make Salesforce Germany a Great Place To Work From Anywhere

Salesforce Germany is one of the Best Workplaces in Germany, as per Great Place to Work. And there's more. Find out here.

I am honoured to say that Salesforce Germany is one of the Best Workplaces in Germany according to Great Place to Work. In addition, we are also named one of the Best Workplaces in Bavaria and one of the Best Workplaces in ITC in Germany. We are committed to creating an excellent workplace experience for all and recognition like this is great feedback that we are on the right track — especially in a year like this! The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we work, turning our kitchen tables into workstations and our living rooms into virtual conference rooms. I’d like to take this moment to reflect on the year that was and share our plans for the future of work.

We Reimagined Our Way Of Working

Last year, the pandemic presented us all with unforeseen challenges. With all of our employees working from five different cities – Munich, Jena, Berlin, Dusseldorf, and Frankfurt – as well as many remote employees across the country, virtual collaboration was not new to us, at least to some extent. However, we all had to become very intentional about how to stay connected and support each other in order to keep our culture alive. Guided by our values – Trust, Customer Success, Innovation, and Equality – we managed to adapt quickly to the new normal, find new solutions, and keep flexibility front and centre.

We held regular All Hands Calls to stay connected, sent out wellbeing surveys to find out how our people were really doing, and updated our benefits to better support everyone. Many of our employees stepped up as well, creating group exercise classes, sharing healthy recipes, or simply checking in on their colleagues virtually. We all faced different challenges and we wanted to create an environment where no one felt like they had to hide how they were really doing. That’s how we managed to keep our spirits high.

The Future Of Work Is Flexible

With news around the vaccine and offices reopening around the world, we are hopeful that we can soon collaborate in person again. However, things won’t simply go back to the way they were before. Over the last year, we proved that we can literally work from anywhere. Moving forward, we will continue to take what we’ve learned and apply it to a new, more flexible way of working. We want to give our employees the ability to work when and where they are most productive and provide an environment where they can collaborate, innovate and live up to their full potential. This will also help us further our Equality goals and open up new opportunities to attract the best talent from across the globe.

I want to take this moment to thank our employees for making us one of the Best Workplaces in Germany. I am excited to see what the future brings.

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