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5 Reasons Salesforce is a Great Place to Work for Generation Z

5 Reasons Salesforce is a Great Place to Work for Generation Z

Curious to know why Salesforce is a great place to work for Generation Z? Here is a Salesforce employee sharing 5 reasons why.

Curious to know why Salesforce is a great place to work for Generation Z? Sofiane Hamoumraoui joined the #SalesforceOhana as an Associate Solution Engineer Success Graduate and is here to share 5 reasons why this is the place for you to begin, and accelerate your career in tech…

I recently turned 25 years-old; part of a crossover generation between the last Millennials and the first of Generation Z. My generation grew up with the Internet, making us more aware of the field of opportunities at our fingertips. As a consequence, we have higher expectations, especially in the workplace, where we want our time to be spent on something meaningful. When we find a place that mirrors our values, we are proud and happy to share it. For me, that place is Salesforce, where I’ve launched my career as a Futureforce Success Grad.

5 Reasons Why Salesforce is a Great Place to Work for Gen Z

1. Transparency and Feedback

At Salesforce we have a strong culture of feedback and transparency. We learn how to give constructive feedback, but more importantly, we learn how to value feedback, how to be open-minded towards it, and how to leverage it. We use our internal “Feedback App” in order to give instantaneous feedback with the purpose of initiating a conversation around it.

Furthermore, Salesforce strives to promote transparency in every layer of the company, with their employees and their customers. Thanks to all these initiatives, I feel more engaged with my employer than ever before. That said, I’m aware of the challenges my generation brings into the workplace. We desire immediate gratification from our work; want things to move fast and expect quick reactions from our managers. While we still have so much to learn from previous generations, we have a lot of energy to bring when we feel trusted.

2. Sense of Purpose

My generation wants to know that what we are doing is meaningful. We see our impact every day in our products; since we contribute directly to the success of our customers. Our customers are buying a solution which is going to revolutionise the way they make business and the way they interact with their customers.

We also take time to give back to our communities through volunteering and our 1-1-1 model. Working in a company with a such philanthropic spirit is inspiring and we’re excited to continue this.

3. Career Growth

Salesforce is a fast-paced environment where we have to adapt constantly to new features, products, and customers. Thus, career opportunities are numerous, and the company’s exceptional growth has a positive impact on the growth of our careers.

Salesforce also supports our individual growth through educational and personal development programs and incentives such as an education subvention and Personal Development Plans. Being encouraged to think further about what we want to achieve in our personal lives is definitely something that contributes to our happiness.

4. Work-Life Balance

My generation comes from the belief that more time spent on our well-being correlates to our overall work performance. At Salesforce, having a good work-life balance is promoted since Day 1. With initiatives such as Wellness Reimbursement, we are encouraged to take care of ourselves through a monthly subvention for any activity linked to well-being: sports, massage, meditation, yoga, etc.

Do you need a small break, nap, or meditation session? You’ll find a Mindfulness Room to have some peace in all our offices. In our Dublin office, we tend to finish work at a reasonable hour every day, and we have some time to release the pressure and be ready for the day after.

5. Flexibility and Mobility

Trust is our core value, and Salesforce understands that trusting their employees and giving them flexibility in their way of work is key to success. Our internal tools and the power of the cloud give us the possibility to work and collaborate from anywhere—in the most secure way possible.

We are welcomed to Salesforce offices around the world, fostering our mobility and allowing us to network with our global ohana while also satiating our travel bugs. Salesforce is growing exponentially and flexibility is part of its DNA—a characteristic which speaks to a generation like mine that embraces change.

If these are the types of things you’re looking for in a company, come join our ohana! Launch your career with our Futureforce program.

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