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Is Salesforce Morocco the Best Place to Work? The Colleagues Think So!

Is Salesforce Morocco the Best Place to Work? These Colleagues Think So!

Find out why Solutions Architect El Mehdi Attabou and Project Manager Soukaina Sbihi think Salesforce Morocco is the best place to work.

Starting any job can be daunting. Add a global work environment irreversibly changed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and it can be even harder!

To find out what Salesforce Morocco is like for new starters, we spoke to two employees to share their experiences. Solutions Architect El Mehdi Attabou and Project Manager Soukaina Sbihi both started in 2021. We wanted to find out why they believe working at Salesforce is the best place to work and here’s what they told us.

Virtual onboarding without compromising Ohana

Even though hiring and onboarding happen 100% virtually, it doesn’t affect the quality of the process. Mehdi explained how smooth the onboarding process was: “I mentioned to my manager how friendly everyone was. He said that, yes, from the outside, Salesforce looks like a good company, but it’s from the inside it becomes obvious how great it is. From the inside, you really feel the Ohana, the family. You get seamless virtual onboarding, and everything else that comes with it is something that you wouldn’t have anywhere else in Morocco.”

Several teams contribute to the success of new starters’ first days, from hiring managers to the onboarding team to IT support. And it’s all done virtually. Every team member working at Salesforce Morocco is willing to help and support new hires.

“The onboarding process was great,” said Soukaina, “and we had a couple of days of just meeting and getting to know people. Not just in Morocco, but in other countries, other practices, and other roles. I ended up with a crystal clear visibility of who does what, and I got answers to all my questions – even ones I didn’t realise I had!”

Cutting-edge technology jobs in Morocco

Both Mehdi and Soukaina have seen growth at Salesforce Morocco, even in the relatively short time they’ve been at the company. Employee numbers and expertise are growing, and everyone embraces a growth mindset – from the newest hires to the most experienced team members.

Success can be achieved from anywhere, whether in an office or working from home, and Salesforce provides a safe environment to share and provide feedback. Keeping connected isn’t always easy when you work remotely, but at Salesforce Morocco many initiatives make a difference.

Catch-up sessions three times a week and apps like Slack are incredibly beneficial for keeping in touch and getting to know colleagues. And, Mehdi himself started an initiative to hold a monthly virtual event where his team catches up, takes part in icebreakers, and plays fun games, strengthening the team’s bond.

What makes working remotely at Salesforce different?

Mehdi has been working remotely for other companies since 2013, so it should be nothing new, but remote working experience is very different from Salesforce. “Before Salesforce, I would have to interrupt my day to connect with Skype or Teams. Now, I feel the trust. Even if you’re not online with Slack, it doesn’t mean you’re not working.”

Unlike Mehdi, Soukaina wasn’t used to working remotely and was worried about how she would find it. “How can I work with people I haven’t met, and how can I handle projects without meeting customers? But I was astounded at how fluent and smooth everything was. The results that we have are just incredible. Everything is coordinated, even between teams from other regions.”

The best place to work for a work-life balance

One of the things that impresses Soukaina the most about Salesforce encouraging a positive work-life balance is the wellbeing programme. “The world is changing because of the pandemic and we have to change with it, but it seems Salesforce has always supported that drive for work-life balance. The well-being programme is incredibly valuable. We have workshops that help us achieve the right balance, we’re encouraged to stick to working hours, and take regular breaks, among other things.”

Time management is flexible, and employees are trusted to manage their workloads. Parental leave at Salesforce is a much-appreciated benefit, with primary carers entitled to 26 weeks paid time off (compared to 14 weeks entitlement for mothers in Morocco) and secondary carers entitled to 12 weeks (compared to the general paternity leave in Morocco of just 3 days!) Salesforce also supports employees getting the COVID-19 vaccine in Morocco, offering time off both to have the vaccine and for recovery time.

Living Salesforce values

Working at Salesforce is about truly feeling and living the organisation’s values. From equality, with everyone treated the same no matter what role, gender, ideologies, or anything else, to innovation. As Mehdi explained, “When I was a student in Germany I heard a lot about Salesforce’s innovation. When I joined, I really felt it. We have leaders, we have great products, and innovation keeps growing”

The reality of working at Salesforce has surpassed Soukaina’s expectations. “At the interviews, I thought it would be a match, but joining the company was beyond my expectations. I’ve been here a year and I’m just as excited and even more motivated than the day I joined.

Find out how you can join the Salesforce Morocco family and find out for yourself if it’s the best place to work!

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