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How Salesforce supports Swiss manufacturing’s future

How Salesforce supports Swiss manufacturing’s future

Manufacturing companies was hit by a series of challenges in recent years. See how Salesforce can help embrace a digital sustainable future.

Swiss manufacturing is facing a crucial turning point. According to the latest Salesforce Trends in Manufacturing Report, over 81% of manufacturers say moving their planning process to the cloud is a critical or high priority, as they battle for better resilience, sustainability and customer experience. To keep the globally competitive edge that has put Switzerland on the map, they must push their digital transformation agendas and transition to Industry 4.0.

But manufacturing networks are notoriously complex, and the journey to digital transformation is fraught with pitfalls. For those about to make the leap, success rests on finding the right technology partner with an in-depth understanding of their unique challenges and goals around operational efficiency, supply chain optimisation, and environmental monitoring.

In our new e-book, Swiss Manufacturing embraces a digital, sustainable future, we explore what’s at stake for manufacturers looking to embrace the change they need, and what this change looks like in action. We also delve into how several leading Swiss manufacturers are modernising and embracing new ways of working with Salesforce while managing risk and the impact on their existing technology investments.

Swiss manufacturing embraces a digital, sustainable future

This e-book explores the specific Swiss manufacturing difficulties across supply chains and how Salesforce is helping them overcome these challenges.


Manufacturing a sustainable future

One of the most important aspects of sustainability is data. This is why manufacturers like MillerKnoll are putting Salesforce Net Zero Cloud at the centre of their sustainable evolution.

This enables them to track sustainability data across departments and at a global scale, so they can work as a company towards their sustainability goals.

And, by complementing Net Zero Cloud with additional service, commerce and marketing solutions from Salesforce, MillerKnoll is building a customer-centric supply chain. This makes collaboration easier while improving efficiency and reporting across every function.

From reactive to proactive

Data is also giving manufacturers the tools to control and react in a constantly changing landscape. The capabilities of Manufacturing Cloud have been specifically designed for the manufacturing industry, giving account teams a complete 360-degree view of every customer. By connecting production, sales, and planning across the entire ecosystem, manufacturers will be in the position to keep sight of fluctuating demand and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

As we explore in our e-book, leading manufacturer Swissbit is gaining a competitive advantage, achieving operational excellence and greater resilience. By creating a single source of truth for all operational and sales data, the company can also leverage insights for richer forecasting, which is essential for supply chain planning.

Read Swiss Manufacturing embraces a digital, sustainable future, to discover more about how Salesforce is enabling digital transformation for manufacturing organisations.

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