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Salesforce Talent Alliance Career Cohorts: A Year in Review

In 2023, Talent Alliance Career Cohorts (TACC) — a 13-week career development program to help job seekers from underrepresented backgrounds get certified and land their first ecosystem role — evolved into a global driver for change. From carving a path for underrepresented groups in the ecosystem to changing how we work in alignment with our values and our top partners. We are honoured to be working with so many partners who understand the importance of creating an inclusive environment within our communities.

The year kicked off with enthusiasm as hundreds of diverse individuals enrolled in the TACC program. These talented individuals included people from Talent with Disabilities, Black Talent, Women in Tech, LatinX Talent, Moms Talent, and many others. They brought with them a wealth of unique backgrounds and perspectives and embodied the Trailblazer’s spirit at the heart of the Salesforce ecosystem.

It was truly a year of growth

We expanded to EMEA & LATAM and supported more than 1,800 Trailblazers who collectively earned 1,300+ Salesforce certifications. A staggering number of participants attained their Salesforce certifications either during or shortly after the program. Not only do these certifications represent the participants’ personal growth, they also contribute to the tech industry’s ongoing revolution. As we enter the AI era, Salesforce is creating an ecosystem in which skills and knowledge are the only currency of success.

The Salesforce Talent Alliance has also continued our partnership with Clicked, a community of explorers, builders and coaches dedicated to making career experience accessible for all. Clicked gives TACC participants the opportunity to get hands-on experience at Salesforce and receive expert coaching from Salesforce community champions. Participants get the chance to apply what they have learnt and develop a strong profile to boost their employability.

Collaboration is the core of TACC’s success

By partnering with industry change-makers like Deloitte, Tech Talent Consulting, Nuvolar, Cognizant, CloudSmiths, Innova2S, participants receive mentorship from top employees. From webinars and breakout sessions to active individual support.

Our ecosystem collaborators make a serious commitment when they sponsor a Career Cohort and are instrumental for the program’s continued effectiveness. These partnerships are not just about resources, they are about shared values and a commitment to building a diverse and skilled workforce.

What do our participants say?

Our TACC Leads are community champions and often part of the most prominent communities within the Salesforce ecosystem. ‘Building with, not just building for’ is the guiding principle within the community.

Chrystal, Black Talent Cohort alumna and now Sales Operations Associate shares that “Learning Salesforce has provided me with a rewarding career path and the ability to continuously learn and evolve in a dynamic and innovative industry.

Suma, a Moms (Re)Entering the Workforce Cohort alumna turned Salesforce Business Analyst, says that [TACC] gave me the confidence to get back to work.

TACC was a great resource in landing my role,” says Daniel, a LatinX Cohort alum and current Technical Support Engineer.

TACC is a program that equips Trailblazers for AI Revolution-driven employment. As we look to the future, we are setting ourselves ambitious goals. TACC plans to expand the program to the APAC region and provide training in multiple languages.

If you’re interested in finding out more, please check the Talent Alliance website. .

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