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Our Employees Share Why They Believe We’re the UK’s #1 Best Workplace

Our Employees Share Why They Believe We’re the UK’s #1 Best Workplace

Today, Salesforce UK is proud to announce that we have been named as the #1 Best Workplace in the UK 2022 by Great Place to Work.

When I joined Salesforce over a decade ago – I knew the culture here was something special, and I was excited to play my part in it. Now, 10 years later, I am leading our Employee Success team in the UK and I am so proud to see how our culture and values have evolved to drive real impact and change in the world around us. For me, this is at the core of what makes Salesforce a great place to work.

Today, Salesforce UK is proud to announce that we have been named as the #1 Best Workplace in the UK 2022 by Great Place to Work. This is our eighth consecutive year on this list, and our third time landing at #1. Through an audit and an employee survey, the Great Place to Work Institute assessed Salesforce employees’ perspectives on Trust, Human Potential, Leadership, Innovation, and Values. We value this award even more knowing that it is based on contributions and feedback from our own employees.

We’re thrilled to have improved upon our #3 ranking last year. For me, this improvement is connected in part to the increased focus we place on employee wellbeing, and on making Salesforce a truly inclusive company for all.

But, don’t just take my word for it. Hear directly from some of our employees below who share their own views on what truly makes Salesforce a great place to work.

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Julie Moorad, Sr. Manager, Global Impact & Sustainability

Time with Salesforce: 5 years

Where are you based: London

Your job in one sentence: I’m part of Salesforce’s global impact and sustainability team focused on driving climate action at scale, particularly in our EMEA region.

I am proud to work at a company that truly believes that business can be a platform for change. As a sustainability professional, to have sustainability as a core company value is incredibly powerful – the company not only talks about sustainability, but embeds it into the core of the business strategy. There are very few companies that do that.

I feel lucky to get to go to work each day to work on challenging issues, problem solve with incredible teammates, and learn from such talented individuals. Salesforce fosters a collaborative culture built on respect. It’s pretty special to get to do what I love at a place that continues to challenge me, values my career development and provides me with new opportunities.

Rob Reynolds, Customer Success, Account Executive

Time with Salesforce: 5 years

Where are you based: Stamford (Remote)

Your job in one sentence: I work with major UK energy companies, helping them achieve their objectives by maximising their Salesforce investment and becoming more customer-centric.

Salesforce’s culture makes it the BEST place to work. I love working for a company that has authenticity and clarity in its mission, purpose, and values, and creates a positive impact on the world through both its technology and philanthropy.

Salesforce provides a working environment that challenges me to grow and take on new opportunities. The culture, underpinned by a belief in the transformational impact of our technology, empowers me with the confidence to take risks and try new approaches to make our customers and teams more successful, without the fear of failure.

I feel incredibly fortunate to work for a company that places such emphasis on personal wellbeing and growth. From world-class enablement, external education grants, coaching from Better Up, extended parental leave, and more. In particular, I am so grateful to have spent 3 months with my new family after the birth of my first child, Ollie.

Ryan Goodchild, Enterprise Account Executive

Time with Salesforce: 4 years

Where are you based: London

Your job in one sentence: I work with customers in the Water Utilities sector to digitally transform and meet their strategic objectives with technology and innovation.

I am so proud to work for an organisation committed to making the world a better place. Salesforce gives me the opportunity to do well and do good, with a dedication to customer success and a passion for giving back to our local communities.

My role enables me to make a difference to customers, communities and people. At the same time, Salesforce is invested in my own development, providing an annual education reimbursement enabling me to undertake an MBA and develop my leadership skills.

We live and breathe our five core values, and I’m surrounded by brilliant people. Together, at Salesforce, we are given a platform to help our customers thrive and make a difference to the world.

Claire O’Neill, Associate Event Manager, Hospitality and Events

Time with Salesforce: 3 years

Where are you based: London

Your job in one sentence: I produce events on our wonderful ‘Ohana Floor on the 36th Floor of Salesforce Tower – it’s the best living room of all of London, complete with sweeping views, barista bar and treats from our amazing culinary team.

Equality, volunteerism and giving back!

At Salesforce, I am so proud to say that *I _do good_ through my work*. Each day, I produce events that support charities through fundraising and volunteerism, raising thousands for charities and donating hundreds of hours of volunteer time.

And, I get to support our equality groups and my amazing diverse colleagues through educational and community-building events.

At Salesforce, my role allows me to truly make a difference in education, collaboration and supporting the community where we all live and work.

Muna Ebongalame, VP EMEA Customer Success.

Time with Salesforce: 7yrs

Where are you based: London

Your job in one sentence: I work within, where we work with customers who help their customers achieve their mission impact through use of our technology to make the world a better place.

We help our nonprofit and education customers unlock their potential with our best-in-class technology solutions. Through our values of Trust, Customer Success, Innovation, Equality and Sustainability, I’m proud to represent my core values with all the many customers we work with. It’s a privilege to be part of this organisation which always stands up at times of global crisis, be it the climate crisis, economic injustice, challenging exclusion, or democratic freedoms. We are provided a safe place to vocalise our positions and emboldened to act where possible within the confines of international and local parameters. This is one of the reasons I’m also a strategic advisor for BOLDFORCEUK, one of our equality groups.

As a leader in this organisation, outside of rallying the team around the V2MOM, my purpose is to listen to each and every voice on the team and provide them a platform to grow, be inquisitive and uncover their potential. I aspire to leave the position in a better place than I found it, but I can only do that by nurturing and enabling those around me, directly or indirectly. Salesforce provides me with the tools and capabilities to create, nurture and encourage that culture and way of working.

Your life experiences act as a guide to help you realize your true intentions. For me, Salesforce has given me an opportunity to provide almost 20 years of Salesforce delivery experience to our most challenging customers, within the Nonprofit and Educational sectors. It has also enabled me to lead a team with similar core cultural values who fundamentally all want to help make the world a better place. As in my professional sporting background prior to Salesforce, I’ve evolved to understand that at Salesforce no one is bigger than the team and it always takes a village to effect transformation through the use of our best in class technology platform.

Sophie Endean, Principal Customer Success Manager

Time with Salesforce: Started May 2021 but was a customer for 10 years prior to joining

Where are you based: Basingstoke (Remote)

Your job in one sentence: I help customers maximise their value from their investment in Salesforce, I care about making sure customers are set up for success!

Salesforce is a platform for good whether it was to do with people and careers, equality and representation, product and innovation or helping our customers achieve success. This is embedded in the culture and I feel a sense of pride that I have joined an organisation that really wants to use its technology to drive change for the better. It has given me a platform to make a difference in a way I never thought possible especially through volunteering and the incredible equality groups we have at Salesforce.

Salesforce is a company that lives it values through everything it does and I feel proud to be a part of that!

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