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How Technology Is Changing the World During COVID-19

Technology changing world during COVID-19

Discover how technology is reshaping the world we live in and the impacts of COVID-19 across every industry.

In these uncertain times, we’ve found one thing to be certain: the need for companies across every industry to rethink how they function.

It’s safe to say that every industry is being challenged to quickly adapt to this new world. And leading that charge, from online ordering systems to video chatting, is technology. But technology can’t do it alone!

In order to truly pivot to a more digital organisation, companies must have an agile backbone of organisation, people, and systems that can easily shift gears, adapt to new technology, and take on what’s yet to come.

Let’s take a look at a few ways technology is reshaping the world we live in.

Remaining agile in an ever-changing world

Before now, times were changing at a rapid pace due to technological innovation. Now, this is catalysed even further by the human need for new services, solutions, and ways of doing business when in-person contact is limited.

By working with some of the world’s best-known scenario thinkers to consider the societal and business impacts of this pandemic, Deloitte and Salesforce have prepared possible scenarios of what the world might look like in the next three to five years. We’ve outlined four scenarios that illustrate different ways we could emerge from the crisis—and what’s required to thrive in a world remade.

How technology is aiding health care workers and organisations

National health authorities, health systems, and other organisations are hard at work addressing the outbreak and preparing for scenarios that could include an overwhelmed health care system.

In these unprecedented times, medical teams are challenged to prioritise patients and deliver care. Health care systems are challenged to identify people with COVID-19—both those showing symptoms and those who are asymptomatic—so they can appropriately prevent further spread of the virus. Meanwhile, people at home need accurate information on how to get tested for coronavirus, when to self-quarantine, and what care options are available.

Together with Salesforce, we’ve designed an accelerator to assist with remote administration, containment, and patient management—called ConvergeHEALTH Connect for Crisis Response. This new pandemic response offering was built using Salesforce Health Cloud and includes an innovative AI-based triage tool and clinical prediction technology by Diagnostic Robotics, hosted on Google Cloud.

ConvergeHEALTH Connect for Crisis Response is designed to enable health care organisations to digitally triage, monitor and remotely manage treatment of coronavirus patients and quarantined persons.

Accelerate a path forward

While we don’t know what tomorrow might bring, we do know that change is sure to come. Learn more about how Deloitte Digital and Salesforce are helping clients navigate uncertainties and building trust post-COVID-19.

As the businesses world starts reopening it’s doors, we may face a possible spike in COVID-19 cases. Get the solutions needed to return to work safely and prepare your health care facility with a complete view of every patient and staff member.

Christian Eissner

Christian is a Partner at Deloitte with over 20 years of consulting experience in the automotive and manufacturing industries focused on digital transformation, customer experience, marketing, sales and customer care. He currently leads Deloitte’s EMEA Salesforce Alliance and specializes in end-to-end implementations of complex, international CRM cloud projects.

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