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Unleashing the Power of Gen AI: The Art of Asking the Right Questions

Being smart isn't just about having the answers; it's about knowing what to ask to get the best results.

Back in school, it was all about getting the right answers to the questions teachers threw at you, and your grade depended on how well you nailed those answers.

Nowadays, with the internet and search engines, finding information is a breeze. It’s not about memorising stuff, it’s about knowing what to type in the search bar.

In the past year, the world was introduced to Generative AI. Now, it’s not just about finding answers, it’s about asking the right questions. Or even better: asking questions in the right way.

Being smart isn’t just about having the answers; it’s about knowing what to ask to get the best results.

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI, powered by models like GPT, has the ability to generate human-like text based on the input it receives. The quality of the output is directly tied to the quality of the prompt given. Unlike traditional search engines that rely on keywords, Generative AI delves deeper into context, understanding nuances and relationships within the query. It goes beyond providing a simple answer; it crafts a comprehensive response, engaging humans in a meaningful conversation. This is applicable to everyday life, as well as business.

For marketers, asking the right questions in the realm of Generative AI is akin to wielding a magic wand. The precision with which a question is posed influences the relevancy and accuracy of the generated content.

Moreover, the importance of asking the right questions extends beyond merely obtaining accurate information. It fosters critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills, which are the key differentiators for high-achieving marketing teams. In a world where automation is on the rise, the ability to formulate insightful questions becomes a uniquely human skill, and this is what differentiates us from robots. It’s the essence of curiosity that drives innovation and progress.

Transforming CRM with AI

Built on Trust, Einstein Copilot transforms CRM experiences by leveraging AI. This generative AI assistant is seamlessly integrated into all Salesforce CRM applications, allowing effortless communication using natural language.

Einstein Copilot offers a range of functionalities across the board and specifically helps marketers enhance operational efficiency through AI-powered campaigns that automatically create segments, email subject lines, body copy, and visual assets by interpreting natural language inputs alongside first-party data.

Einstein Copilot not only streamlines CRM interactions, but also elevates marketing capabilities, making it an essential tool for efficient, personalised, and data-driven customer engagement.

To maximise Gen AI-powered marketing tools, marketing leaders need to skill up by nurturing the art of inquiry. Encouraging their teams to think critically and creatively, beyond boundaries and fostering a culture of curiosity that will empower them to navigate the digital transformation.

Five Golden Rules to Unlocking Generative AI

If creating effective prompts for GPT-based marketing is crucial to unlocking generative AI’s full potential, where should we start? Here are 5 golden rules:

  • Clarity is Key: Be specific and clear about your objectives. Provide details to guide the AI and avoid ambiguity.
  • Context and Constraints: Offer context and outline any limitations to narrow down the scope of the generated content.
  • Natural Language Communication: Use a conversational tone in your prompts to align with the AI’s design for human-like text generation.
  • Iterate and Experiment: Test different variations and experiment with prompts to understand how to get the best results from the AI.
  • Review and Refine: Critically review generated content, ensuring it aligns with brand guidelines, and refine as needed for accuracy.

Following these guidelines will empower marketers to efficiently leverage GPT models for high-quality content generation in their campaigns.

So, wrapping it up – in this age of Generative AI, learning how to pose the right questions is crucial. It is not just about obtaining information; it’s about using tech to supercharge our thinking. The art of inquiry is the compass that guides us through the ever-expanding realms of knowledge, ensuring that we not only find answers but also shape the questions that drive progress and understanding.

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