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How HORNBACH Excels at Verifying Salesforce Customer Data

How HORNBACH Excels at Verifying Salesforce Customer Data integrates seamlessly into Salesforce to enrich & verify your customer data. Learn how HORNBACH is already reaping the benefits.

A Salesforce customer needed to increase the quality of its data and streamline sales administration tasks while verifying Salesforce customer data. Salesforce partners Nextview Consulting and Appsolutely, along with data specialists, came up with the perfect solution.

The importance of accuracy in verifying Salesforce customer data

Jaap Branderhorst, Managing Director at Appsolutely, knew from his experience as a former Salesforce employee that having reliable data is critical. Yet, often, the data being provided by external sources would be too generic.

You need to have detailed, localised data, especially in highly regulated industries.

Jaap Branderhorst

It was while he was working as a Program Architect at Salesforce that Jaap met Henk-Jaap Sanders, Partner Manager of It became clear that the data Henk-Jaap’s company provided would be beneficial to every customer, not just the one he was working with at the time. That’s when the seed was planted, and shortly after Jaap started Appsolutely, the partnership with began.

This collaboration produced the App for Salesforce. It combines Appsolutely’s Salesforce expertise and’s data knowledge to give users the quality data they need while integrating seamlessly into existing workflows and verifying Salesforce customer data.

A DIY chain’s need for higher-quality data

Family-owned business HORNBACH is a Dutch construction market that offers its clients:

  • An assortment of more than 120,000 products
  • A best-price guarantee
  • Advice from orientation to realisation that turns every handyman into a professional

Part of the company’s customer base is made up of self-employed trade professionals and other construction-related business customers. HORNBACH’s ProfiService is an exclusive construction professional service just for them.

A package of services for construction professionals, ProfiService includes benefits like an extended returns policy, a dedicated point of contact, and credit facilities so customers can purchase on account. For busy professional customers, the time and money they save through ProfiService is invaluable.

HORNBACH decided to work with Nextview Consulting, a Salesforce partner with a design-led approach that holds the focus on what adds value, to take on the challenge of implementing ProfiService.

It was quite a complex project, not a straightforward Sales Cloud implementation. They had confidence in us to be able to deliver multiple, complex functions.

Lars Klumpes
Nextview Sales Director

With Salesforce, HORNBACH can onboard professional trade customers and set up their ProfiService accounts. However, the organisation was looking for a way to streamline its onboarding process, tightening data integrity and speeding up work processes at the same time.

As part of the overall project, Nextview implemented the App for Salesforce. This has made the onboarding process faster and more efficient for trade professionals and strengthened security around customer data and the GDPR.

Getting greater insights with Salesforce customer data

“HORNBACH was aware of the size of the challenge they were facing,” said Pieter Hendrikx, Industry Lead at Nextview and responsible Project Manager at Hornbach, “they knew they needed to undertake some serious digital transformation to enhance the customer journey, and that it would require multiple components in and out of the Salesforce platform.”

Nextview together with HORNBACH looked step-by-step at what the best solutions should look like, and it was developed with a combination of Salesforce and others from the Salesforce ecosystem.

Profiservice took shape with Salesforce at its very heart, and the App was a part of that. The app works in multiple industries across every Salesforce environment, from lead generation to onboarding, to sales and marketing, verifying Salesforce customer data with ease. Appsolutely and listened to HORNBACH’s needs and optimised the app accordingly.

We see so many customers who have problems with incomplete and out-of-date information. They would like more information about their clients to help them make informed decisions.

Jacqueline Westerouen van Meeteren
Partner Manager CRM at

And that’s information HORNBACH gets from the app, with fully automated checks including chamber of commerce data, credit checks, IBAN number confirmation, and more.

In terms of implementing the app, it was a point-and-click process, with no need for HORNBACH to build any code. Thanks to the combination of easy implementation and the recognisable Salesforce environment, they didn’t need to look for another partner.

“It was a fairly easy process for what was a quite complex implementation,” said Jaap, “At Appsolutely we always try to put the newest Salesforce technology into our products, and as HORNBACH experienced, it’s easy to implement and looks just like Salesforce!”

Saving time and money through automation

Thanks to the automated onboarding process, the app saves HORNBACH time on what was previously a laborious manual process, which in turn saves money. They have more detailed and up-to-date information at their fingertips. This makes it easier to make the right decisions about their customers – reducing the risk of human error.

And having everything flowing through Salesforce makes processes simpler and user-friendly.

A lot of data nowadays is found across various software systems, and even on Google, but the App for Salesforce combines it all and pulls it into Salesforce.

Henk-Jaap Sanders Partner Manager

What’s next for the app?

Appsolutely and are currently developing an app to support the complete KYC (Know Your Customer) process, which will give app users an even deeper understanding of their customer base and its needs. Curious about the app? You can find it in the AppExchange.

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