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What companies in the UAE can unlock with Hyperforce

What companies in the UAE can unlock with Hyperforce

What’s the impact of Hyperforce in the UAE? From compliance to innovation, take a look at how it’s going to transform the way you use Salesforce.

The UAE has always seen the game-changing potential of Salesforce.

Leaders from across the Middle East have seen the potential of what their companies can achieve with Salesforce – and many are putting this innovation into action. 

But, due to data residency regulations, many industries haven’t been able to unlock the full potential of Salesforce Customer 360. 

Until now.

Hyperforce is the next-generation Salesforce infrastructure architecture, built for the public cloud. Built in partnership with AWS, it means you can store your data in the UAE. Meaning you can bring new critical workloads into Salesforce, safe in the knowledge that your customer data will remain in the UAE. 

And ultimately, it means every single part of your operations can move to the cloud and step into an AI-driven future with confidence.

That’s why we’re so excited that it is finally coming to you in the Middle East. Want to know how it will help you succeed in ways you weren’t expecting? Let’s get into it. 

The next generation of Salesforce’s infrastructure, Hyperforce, is here.

Learn about how moving to the public cloud will enhance Customer 360 core capabilities and accelerate innovation for your organisation.

Three key benefits of Hyperforce in the UAE

1. Innovate faster

Companies in the UAE want to innovate, fast. But, the speed of their innovation is often hamstrung by where their data resides.

At Salesforce, we’ve long shown that when data lives in the cloud, it’s easier to make connections and find new insights. Now, moving to Hyperforce in the public cloud can help you iterate faster, minimising time to test configuration, code, and automation outside of your production organisation with quicker development and test environments. 

And with the new UAE data centre, your customer data stays in the UAE. 

The outcome: more ideas developed and deployed than ever before. 

Agility is critical to companies that want to adopt AI. In our State of Data and Analytics report, 87% of analytics and IT leaders globally said advances in AI make data management a high priority. Adopting an infrastructure that accelerates your innovation is the first step to achieving your AI aspirations.

And that’s not all. You can reduce time to value and innovate at the speed of your best ideas: you can iterate faster with improved developer Sandboxes on Hyperforce.

2. Take more control and oversight with data residency in the UAE

Organisations like government agencies, financial services, and telcos have a responsibility to store data locally. And the cost of getting this wrong – in terms of customer trust, brand reputation, and regulatory fines – is too high.

Strong data governance, when used strategically, can help bolster data trustworthiness. According to our State of Data and Analytics report, 87% of analytics and IT leaders in the UAE (versus 85% globally) use data governance to ensure and certify baseline data quality.

With cyber threats on the rise, controlling how data is collected, stored, accessed, and deleted is the surest way to maintain its quality and integrity. Hyperforce will help you meet local federal regulations in the UAE, which cover the processing of personal data belonging to data subjects within the UAE. 

3. Build better – and more trusted – customer relationships

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of customer trust and loyalty in today’s market.

Our State of the Connected Customer report found that 78% of customers in the UAE are more likely to trust a company with their personal information if its use is clearly explained.

You can build that trust by operating transparently, showing your customers how their data is collected and used – and that it’s stored right here in the UAE. 

Another way to improve your relationship with customers is to meet their ever-increasing demands. Your customers want faster, more consistent, deeply personalised interactions every time they engage with you. 

With Hyperforce, you can implement AI experiences with confidence. You can use data from across your organisation to power a true 360-degree view of each customer – whether they’re interacting with your service team or browsing your website.

We are pleased to integrate the Salesforce CRM platform into the operating systems of our postal and courier business, Emirates Post, marking a significant stride towards operational excellence. 

The partnership with Salesforce and the solutions they provide will streamline processes and establish a unified customer-centric approach, empowering the business to meet customer requirements and expectations with precision and personalised services. 

The launch of Hyperforce in the UAE is a promising development, presenting innovative opportunities for business growth. It aligns with our collective efforts of supporting the UAE’s goal of becoming the region’s hub for technology and innovation.

Abdulla Mohammed Alashram
Group Chief Executive Officer, Emirates Post Group

How Hyperforce can help with data storage in the UAE

Hyperforce was designed to give you flexibility and control of your data, making innovation possible within any market. No matter how fast the rules change. No matter what tech comes next. 

It delivers: 

  • Data residency: Serve your employees and customers in new ways with local data storage and built-in compliance with local regulations.
  • Scalability: Serve your customers fast with a flexible infrastructure built on 100% renewable energy and a commitment to net-zero carbon emissions.
  • Security: Get a deeper level of security when you keep your data safe by default with end-to-end data encryption.
  • Privacy: Safeguard your customer data with robust and transparent privacy controls. Know how your data is collected and used at all times.
  • Agility: Reduce time to value. Work faster with zero downtime updates and extensive, native public cloud integration.

As proud partners in this initiative, we are excited to have this solution built on AWS and have it available to our Middle East customers this December. This collaboration highlights our commitment to delivery scalability, reliability and security for modern businesses. 

Hyperforce, powered by AWS, simplifies the deployment of Salesforce solutions, strengthening data security, storage and local data residency. Together, we anticipate unlocking opportunities and nurturing creativity in the GCC and the wider Middle East.

Yasser Hassan
Head of AWS, MENAT

Hyperforce is game-changing because it transforms the way you can build customer relationships, all while remaining resilient against system failures and prepared for environmental changes. 

We’re excited for you to get started. 

The next generation of Salesforce’s infrastructure, Hyperforce, is here.

Learn about how moving to the public cloud will enhance Customer 360 core capabilities and accelerate innovation for your organisation.

Have questions about how Hyperforce can support your company? Get in touch.

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