With Salesforce, we can make informed decisions, which will help us to learn and scale fast. It enables us to sustainably expand the business into new countries much faster”

- Derk Roodhuyzen de Vries, CEO and Founder, Fixico

Fixico accelerates growth with smarter processes and a faster sales cycle

You’ve scratched your car. One of your fleet has been dented. Or you run the best repair shop in the area. Fixico matches customers to repair services, providing reviews and costs upfront to help them make an informed decision. “I noticed a gap in the market when I damaged my car – I wanted to find the best deal from local repair shops in my area, but there was no way to compare costs and services,” said Derk Roodhuyzen de Vries, CEO and Founder of Fixico. “Our customers save on average 30% on the cost of their car repairs, and we help repair shops to get more business.”

Using the Fixico app or online platform, car owners, fleet owners and insurance companies upload photos of the damage to their car and receive three quotes from local repair shops within 24 hours. Users can then choose the best option based on distance, cost, and service ratings.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Fixico has recently expanded into Germany, South Africa, and Belgium, and its online marketplace is rapidly growing in popularity. “In the last year, we’ve grown from 10 employees to more than 45,” explained Willem van Mourik, Business Development Manager at Fixico. “To ensure car owners, fleet owners and repair shops all get the best service levels we needed a CRM platform that would help us automate tasks and scale up the business.”

In 2017, the company replaced its home grown system and spreadsheets with Sales Cloud. “We’re growing at a rate of 20% month on month, which meant our manual processes were no longer feasible,” said van Mourik. “With Salesforce we can stay in control as we grow.”


We’ve increased efficiency by 300%, freeing up staff to spend more time with customers.”

Willem van Mourik, Business Development Manager at Fixico

200% faster sales cycle and better customer experiences with complete visibility

As an online company, Fixico needs to be able to track everything digitally. With Sales Cloud, all interactions, via phone, email, or web chat, are logged in one central repository so any member of staff can pick up an action with the full customer history in front of them.  “Having full visibility of history helps the customer support team make better decisions on how to serve customers, and we don’t need to ask questions twice,” said van Mourik.

It’s also helping to streamline the acquisition pipeline of new leads. As van Mourik explained: “When we take on a new repair shop, we use Sales Cloud for onboarding. We can see the status of every lead, how many we’ve followed up, and the next actions we need to take, so nothing slips through the cracks.”

With the sales team performing more efficiently, both onboarding and sales cycle times are down. “With Sales Cloud, the sales cycle is 3x faster and as we have more accurate information, we’re able to deliver a better customer experience,” said Roodhuyzen de Vries. 

Getting smarter with 300% more efficiency through automation and integrations

Via API integration between Sales Cloud and Fixico’s online platform, customer information is automatically shared between the two systems, eliminating manual inputting and automating workflows. “We’ve increased efficiency by 300%, freeing up staff to spend more time with customers.”

Salesforce is also helping Fixico become smarter. “We’re starting to look at how customers are using our online marketplace, finding out what they like about the service, and how they’d like the product to evolve in the future. With the level of information we’re now collecting, we can continually improve our platform,” explained van Mourik. 

Building for the future with automated billing and a partner community

To further improve efficiency and the customer experience, Fixico is also planning on rolling out Salesforce Billing to automate billing, and is interested in creating online communities with its partners using Community Cloud. “The ability to build on Salesforce is very important as we grow,” said Roodhuyzen de Vries. “As we expand into more regions, we don’t know what issues we might encounter, but we can easily adapt via the Salesforce platform.”

As a disruptor in the car repair business, Fixico is already ahead of the game, but with Salesforce, it’s competitive advantage is safe. “Our technological advantage comes down to data – we make informed decisions, not assumptions. With Salesforce, we can keep innovating safe in the knowledge that we’re moving in the right direction,” said Roodhuyzen de Vries.


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