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GoodHabitz helps more employees make the grade with Salesforce

Learn non-verbal communication from a poker star, self-reflect with a dolphin trainer, or brush up on computer skills with a comedian. GoodHabitz has transformed the concept of e-learning for employees with its compelling courses and transparent prices. 

“We’ve put the fun back into learning and personal development, making it more flexible, accessible, and affordable,” said Milan Hofmans, Country Director Netherlands at GoodHabitz. Its trailblazing approach to e-learning has already attracted more than 820 enterprise customers, including PwC, Spar, and KLM.

Inspiring more people through e-learning.

GoodHabitz prides itself on providing a personal touch: every company that subscribes is assigned a coach who helps to create individual and group learning programmes for employees. Founded in the Netherlands in 2011, GoodHabitz has already expanded into Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, and the UK, and has its sights set on Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, and Italy for 2020. 

To successfully onboard more companies and countries, GoodHabitz needed to transform how it tracked prospects and customers. “Different teams were using different spreadsheets to track sales activities,” explained Hofmans. “As a growing business, we needed a more scalable and flexible approach.”

GoodHabitz boosts efficiency and visibility.

Following a successful implementation of Sales Cloud by its German team, GoodHabitz decided to expand its use of the solution across its entire sales operation. “With Sales Cloud, our teams can work faster and smarter, creating better opportunities,” said Hofmans. “Real-time reports and dashboards provide an insight into what we’re doing and where we’re going. It’s become a single source of the truth for our sales operation.”

New leads are generated through business development calls to target companies as well as digital marketing and social media activities. GoodHabitz’s marketing team use Pardot to help nurture these leads. “As we move into new countries, we need to boost awareness of our brand,” explained Tim Indencleef, marketing manager. “With Pardot, we can automate the distribution of personalised campaign emails to hundreds of prospects and nurture contacts that have requested a trial with relevant content.”

A personalised and proactive approach to communication has proved a hit not only with prospects but also existing customers. “They like hearing about upcoming courses and events - it helps to start new conversations,” said Indencleef.

Shining the spotlight on sales performance.

As GoodHabitz increases its global footprint, it needs to be able to track performance across multiple account managers and regions. With Salesforce, it can drill down into leads, sales meetings, and events to get a better view of current and future opportunities. 

The sales team also uses Chatter to discuss new opportunities and to celebrate new wins. “When we started using Salesforce, it was just a new system. Now, it’s a source of fun,” said Hofmans. “By making sales information more accessible, we’ve injected greater competition into the team.”

Onboarding learners faster with centralised and digitalised processes.

When prospects are ready to become customers, GoodHabitz uses DocuSign from the Salesforce AppExchange to digitalise the contract-signing process. Every new subscriber is assigned a coach who helps to make sure employers and employees are using the training content in the most effective way.  

Any queries about the onboarding process and e-learning platform are logged in Service Cloud by the customer support team. “Central visibility of any issues helps to speed up resolution,” said Lita van Wel, global support manager and IT manager at GoodHabitz. Around 700 cases are logged a month with first line issues resolved within 24 hours.

Coaches are empowered to deliver a better customer experience.

As part of the customer support team, GoodHabitz’s 15 coaches use Service Cloud to get an insight into any cases that might have been logged by employers or employees. “Our coaches can now be more proactive when visiting customers,” explained van Wel. “It helps improve the experience for employees and ensures they can start learning as quickly as possible.” 

The coaches also use Service Cloud to capture notes from customer meetings, which are scheduled by email through an Office 365 plug-in. “With Service Cloud, our coaches are more efficient and informed,“ said van Wel. “We can also track the number of customer meetings being scheduled, which helps to balance resource utilisation.”

GoodHabitz goes global with Salesforce.

As it grows its business, GoodHabitz needs to ensure its services remain local as well as global. “There are often cultural differences and we need to ensure we reflect this both in our courses and our processes,” commented Hofmans. “Salesforce helps us achieve the right balance between consistency and flexibility.”

With an ambition to become a global player by 2025, GoodHabitz will continue to use Salesforce to help onboard new customers, countries, and colleagues while retaining its unique culture. “Salesforce helps us to recruit and retain customers more efficiently and has become an integral part of our commercial process,” said Hofmans.

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