Salesforce makes the best people better. We can innovate faster – and recover from our mistakes faster. Learning and growing is what makes Pigu a Trailblazer.”

- Remigijus Jurgilas | CRM & BI manager, Pigu
300+ employees
Salesforce customer since 2018


increase in email open and click-through rates


Pigu brings online shopping to more homes and mobile phones with Salesforce

Consumers in the Baltics were slow to join the online shopping revolution, but they are now making up for lost time. In 2018, Pigu’s one million active customers spent around €100 million on products ranging from small items of perfume and cosmetics to furniture and garden equipment.

As the largest online store in the region, Pigu has been a catalyst for driving ecommerce growth in the Baltic. “We’ve successfully converted millions of people to buy online – and we want to reach even more people in the future,” said Remigijus Jurgilas, CRM & BI manager at Pigu. 

The trailblazing retailer has big plans to double its turnover by 2022 and to take online shopping rates in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania even higher. In 2010, only around 25% of the region’s six million residents shopped online; it’s now more than 50% but this is still well below the EU average of around 70%.

Effective marketing campaigns will be key to helping Pigu encourage more Baltic consumers to join the online shopping ranks - and to spend more money more often. “With Salesforce, we can develop personalised campaigns that result in a higher frequency of purchase and higher lifetime value,” said Remigijus Jurgilas.

Enriching the customer experience with marketing.

Headquartered in Vilnius, Pigu first set up virtual shop in Lithuania in 2008, before expanding into Latvia in 2011 and Estonia in 2015. “Our initial priority was to offer a wide of products at competitive prices,” explained Remigijus Jurgilas. “As the market has matured, we now want to focus on enriching the customer experience to give consumers a clear reason to embrace online shopping.”

To attract and retain customers, Pigu needs to effectively engage with individual shoppers – no easy task when operating across three different countries and in three languages. “Data was stuck in silos which was hampering innovation,” explained Remigijus Jurgilas. “We had lots of great ideas for marketing campaigns, but they were taking months to execute. By the time we were ready to target customers, campaigns were no longer relevant.”

Developing smarter campaigns in shorter timeframes.

After a series of workshops, Pigu decided to implement Marketing Cloud with help from Salesforce partner Isobar. “We wanted a solution that would enable our marketing team to scale campaigns to reach as many people as possible and to enrich the customer experience,” said Remigijus Jurgilas. “ We wanted it fast and without IT involvement.”

With Marketing Cloud, it now only takes a day for simple campaigns to hit customers’ phones and inboxes, while more sophisticated campaigns can be executed in a week. “We can launch 10 campaigns instead of one in the same period and achieve great results,” said Remigijus Jurgilas.

For example, Pigu recently ran a small campaign for coffee, reminding customers to buy their refills. The marketing team put it together in just a day and attracted a 75% customer engagement rate. 

Pigu brings a personal touch to customer communications.

Pigu uses Email Studio and Mobile Studio to connect with customers. Communications and campaigns are personalised, based on an individual’s search and purchase history. By getting to know and targeting its customers better, email open and click-through rates have increased three-fold.

Pigu will be able to automate and integrate customer communications across both channels using Journey Builder. “With Marketing Cloud, we can understand the customer journey and track the frequency of purchases as well as the long-term spend. It enables our team to take an omni-channel approach to customer engagement and personalisation,” said Remigijus Jurgilas.

As part of this omni-channel approach, Pigu has started to use Social Studio to listen to consumers’ conversations on key sites, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. When Service Cloud goes live during the second half of 2019, Pigu plans to integrate Social Studio to enable its 45 customer service agents to respond to customer queries on social media. Pigu will use Trailhead to train the team on these new capabilities. 

Successful campaigns boost staff motivation and customer satisfaction.

Pigu’s efforts to enrich the customer experience are already paying off: the customer referral rate on feedback forms increased 5% in the first six months of 2019. Satisfied customers is just one measure of success for the retailer; it also makes employees feel satisfied – and empowered. 

“With Salesforce, our marketing teams are more motivated to come up with ideas – it makes the best people better,” said Remigijus Jurgilas. “We can innovate faster – and recover from our mistakes faster. Learning and growing is what makes Pigu a Trailblazer.”


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