Opening Keynote

Join some of our Israeli Partners on a panel conversation, as they discuss their journey of Salesforce and how the ecosystem has evolved over the years
Please join our Salesforce country leaders, and special guests speakers who are transforming themselves, delivering exceptional customer experiences, and making the world a better place in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Salesforce will showcase how the world’s leading companies are taking advantage of new products and technologies like Salesforce Customer 360, Trailhead, and Lightning to dramatically change the way their employees across sales, service, marketing, and IT innovate, skill up, and deliver integrated customer experiences.

Hila Levi-Loya - Israel country Leader, Regional VP Customer Success
Oliver Elbaz - Senior Regional Vice President
Shai Golan - Manager, Solution Engineering
Asaf Ashani - Lead Solution Engineering

11:30-13:30 Breakout Tracks 1

Keynote Room - North Wing

Moderator: Arnon Barzilay - Regional Sales Director - Marketing Cloud at Salesforce


11:30-12:30  Salesforce for Marketing: Intelligent Engagement for the Empowered Consumer

Please join us for a celebration of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Trailblazers, and special guests speakers who are transforming our Marketing Ecosystem, delivering exceptional, personalised customer experiences at scale during the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We will showcase how the world’s and Israel's leading Marketers are taking advantage of Salesforce Marketing Cloud including new products and technologies like Datorama, Advertising Studio, Salesforce Integration to Google Analytics 360, Interaction Studio and more, demonstrating the dramatical change in the way Marketing Trailblazers Know, Personalise and Engage with their customer across channels to deliver an integrated customer experiences.

Arnon Barzilay - Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Regional Sales Director Israel.
Shahar Marhum - Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Lead Solution Engineer Israel.
Yaniv Ben Arie - Datorama, a Salesforce Company - VP product
Vlad Tiktin - Google Analytics 360 Israel Leader
And Amazing Trailblazers from Bank Leumi, Carasso, PMI and Colmobil.

12:30-13:00  Salesforce for Commerce: Connect to shoppers anytime, anywhere

The eCommerce business is much more than just selling, it’s about delivering connected, personalised, and convenient brand experiences across every engagement channel. Join this session to see how innovative B2B and B2C Trailblazers are using Salesforce Commerce Cloud, using artificial intelligence (AI) in order to acquire, engage and retain online buyers in the era of the 4th industrial Revolution.

Ronit Kfir - Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Account Executive
Alex Donio - Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Account Executive

13:00-13:30  Keynote Speaker: Marketing in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Please join us and a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Keynote Speaker, Sophie Crosby, for an inspirational session about Global Trends, Customer Expectations, Trust, Data, Personalisation, The 4C's Model and more.

Sophie Crosby - Salesforce SVP Product Management and Marketing Cloud Evangelist (Ex. SVP Insights, Data and Marketing of Ticketmaster EMEA)  

Keynote Room - East Wing

Please join us for a celebration of Salesforce Service and Platform Cloud Trailblazers and special guests speakers who are transforming our Ecosystem, delivering exceptional, personalised customer experiences at scale during the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Doron Harpaz - Account Executive at Salesforce
Nir Asayas - Account Executive at Salesforce
Omer Vidan - Account Executive at Salesforce

11:30-12:00 Digital Service in the customer experience era

We will focus on the new trends and initiatives of Service Cloud. in this session we will present and demo with Salesforce partners and customers our cutting edge Service Cloud technology

Omer Vidan, hosting Customers and Partners on stage


12:00-12:45 Extending salesforce service cloud beyond customer support

We will showcase how the world’s and Israel's leading innovators are taking advantage of Salesforce Service Cloud with Customer Communities, Field Service and more

Omer Vidan, hosting Customers and Partners on stage

12:45-13:30 Create an amazing User experience using Salesforce platform

Join us at our platform session to see how you can turn your business ideas and needs to amazing empowering applications for your Employees and customers. We will show you how companies build with no code employee portals and customer apps based on the strength of our platform. 

Doron Harpaz - Platform Account Executive at Salesforce
Nir Asayas - Platform Account Executive at Salesforce

Keynote Room - South Wing

Oren Shpigel - Regional Sales Director at Salesforce
Cian Barrett - Account Executive at Salesforce

11:30-12:00 Startups Road to Success

Michael Maoz speaks with Amit Ben Dov about their experiences in founding, running and advising some of the most success start up companies known. They discuss the hurdles faced with building and scaling companies and offer insights into how the best in class over come these challenges.

Amit Ben Dov: Founder/CEO at Gong.IO
Michael Maoz - SVP Innovation Strategy at Salesforce.


12:00-12:30 SimilarWeb Driving Sales Success

In this session we hear from one of our TrailBlazers SimilarWeb on the challenges they faced specifically around Finding and Winning business, and we learn about the strategies they implemented to take their sales and Marketing on a new trajectory.

Inbal Keren , Head of CRM at SimilarWeb
Ron Jacovy, Cloud Sales Executive - Pardot Marketing Automation at Salesforce


12:30-13:00 Taranis Transforms the Customer Experience

Once all that energy has gone into finding and winning customers, it is important to KEEP them- We learn from Taranis's CEO Ofir Schlam and Zvika Orron from Viola Ventures on the importance of of delivering exceptional customer experience and how they used Salesforce to transform theirs..

Ofir Schlam, CEO at Taranis
Oren Shpigel, Regional Sales Director at Salesforce
Zvika Orron, Partner at Viola Ventures


13:00-13:30 3 Ways Businesses can achieve Wild Growth

A fascinating session with Salesforce's VP SMB Marketing Mark Stanley, who discusses with VP Engineering & GM Israel of OwnBackup Roy Emek, on what they have identified as the key ways businesses can achieve wild growth.

Roy Emek - VP Engineering & GM Israel, OwnBackup
Mark Stanley - VP SMB Marketing , Emerging Markets at Salesforce

14:30-16:00 Breakout Tracks 2

Keynote Room - North Wing
Alex Donio, Account Executive Commerce Cloud at Salesforce

14:30-15:00 The importance of the 360 view of your customer

Help your business better drive marketing and sales growth,
better understand customer behavior and, most importantly, deliver a more personalized customer experience.

Moshe Radman, CEO & Founder at


15:00 - 15:30 Mulesoft and Customer 360

Salesforce Customer 360 is a new cross-cloud technology initiative that makes our Marketing, Commerce, and Service products work better together

Cleston Oliveira, Principal Solution Engineer at Salesforce


15:30 - 16:00 360 for B2B, make it right

360 customer view in the B2B world with Jay Sappidi - docmation leader, who works with Coca Cola, Delta, Sage and Novartis as their trusted advisor.

Docmation is a salesforce silver partner with 10 years of helping organisations build communities that support critically important business goals across customer support, sales, marketing, and employee engagement. 

Keynote Room - East Wing

Noam Ezra - RVP, Commercial Sales at Salesforce
Nir Friedman - Strategic Account Executive at Salesforce
Dana Tal - Business Development Representative at Salesforce

14:30 - 15:00 Sales development at Salesforce
Inbound (Lead Management) -> Outbound (Prospecting) -> AE Alignment & Follow up and Operational Rigor

15:00 - 15:30 Pipeline & Opportunity Management at Salesforce
Win Customers is Pipeline Management. We start with Target Alignment, Pipeline Quantity Inspection, Quality inspection and Operational Rigor

15:30 - 16:00 Forecast Management at Salesforce
Forecast Management is the key business activity followed by Governance, Uniformed process and all on one Platform


Keynote Room - South Wing

Bar Israeli, Territory Lead ISV & OEM Partnership; Aloha country management team.
Hosting Michael Maoz - SVP Innovation Strategy at Salesforce


14:30-15:00 - Building Salesforce strategy with AppExchange partners.

Salesforce SVP Michael Maoz will present the Salesforce’s AppExchange Partner Strategy for onboarding new partners. Our top partners will present their newest applications for the AppExchange.

  • The Panel will discuss the value add of the partnership:
    • The business applications
    • The mutual Go-To-Market strategy
    • The business benefit for our customers of the combined offerings
  • The partners attending the session: Panaya, Finastra (Israel), Voicenter, Personetics.


15:00-15:30 - Scaling with Salesforce

Michael Maoz will discuss How to scale your company with Salesforce (Once you are off the ground, how do you leap forward!).

  • The panel will explore:
    • Key value the partner brings to the customers
    • Actions to keep brand resilient
    • Global distribution management
    • Key values or criteria in hiring new employees
  • The partners attending the session: Novidea, OwnBackup, WalkMe. 

15:30-16:00 - Shaping Your Unique Value Proposition and Differentiation

Michael Maoz will review the Salesforce strategy to help promising Startups sharpen and accelerate your business programs

  • The panel of Startup Partners will present topics on:
  • Investments
  • Go-To-Market plans
  • Programs for Startups
  • The partner attending the session: Glassbox, Techsee, Sarona Partners.

Industry Summits

- First Floor - 

Manufacturing Summit
11:30-12:00  Manufacturing Industry - Challenges and Opportunities by Eyal Farkash,
                        Technology Lead at Accenture
12:00-12:20  Salesforce for Manufacturing by Michael Grinker, Account Executive at
12:20-12:50  Digital Transformation in Global Manufacturing by Francisco Fernandez
                        Parra, Digital Transformation Director at MAXAM
12:50-13:10  Salesforce for Construction by Michael Grinker, Account Executive at
13:10-13:30  Israeli Global Manufacturer Transformation Story by Ravit Berko,
                        Global Salesforce Project Manager at CaesarStone

Healthcare Summit

11:30-11:40  Welcome and Opening - Amir Eliasy, Salesforce
11:40-12:00  New patient Journey in the Digital Era - Galit Rotstein & Shmulik Krybus,
12:00-12:30  Salesforce Health Cloud Demo - Yaniv Oren, Salesforce
12:30-13:00  Deloitte's Accelerators for Health
13:00-13:20  Assuta Customer Story - Dror Admon, CIO, Assuta
13:20-13:30  Q&A

- First Floor -

Retail & CPG Summit
14:30-14:40  Welcome and gathering
14:40-15:10  Salesforce for Retail & CPG
15:10-15:25  Strauss Water - Transform business and processes with Salesforce Multi
                        Cloud. Moti Kirschenbaum, CIO. Yariv Visoker, head of O&M & Analytics
15:25-15:40  Renuar - Preparing the future of Omni-channel Fashion, Moshe Radman,
                        CEO & Founder at
15:40-16:00  Tempo Beverages - Customer Success Story, Yossi Cohen, CIO, Tempo
                        Beverages, Gal Siloni ,Salesforce Architect Director, AllCloud

Financial Services Cloud Summit
14:30-14:40  Welcome and opening
14:40-15:10  Salesforce Financial Services Cloud
15:10-15:30  Bank Hapoalim Launch
15:30-15:45  Mimun Yashir - Going on Salesforce Platform
15:45-16:00  Bank Leumi - advanced engagement


Success Cloud Theatre

Is your Org ready for Lightning? This session will cover the essential things you need to know before migrating to Lightning, including Lightning Readiness Report, identifying quick wins, and a live demo of key features and resources.
Join us for a practical overview of the theory and practice of Design Thinking and how it can be used as a framework for teams to design high-adoption applications that are not only powerful, but useful, usable, and desirable.
Bank Hapoalim began it's journey to Salesforce, as a first public cloud over 2 years ago. At the time, we were not yet ready to go. So we prepared, a lot. With the understanding that we need to improve on-premise systems to support a hybrid cloud model, enhanced mobile support, organizational processes, info-sec trust, team recruitment, implementing partners and more.
In the 4th Industrial Revolution, customer-focused companies must master digital transformation. Do you know how to get started? Or are you stuck? Drawing from the Success Cloud North Star Report on "Digital Transformation" on digital transformation, you'll learn how Trailblazers building their transformation journeys. Join us to hear what leaders and organizations are doing to dream big, disrupt their industry and deliver the kind of customer experiences that make a difference.
How to quickly gain a better understanding of Salesforce capabilities and empower employees using Trailhead and gamification.
What can you do to get your team on board? Join us to learn the Guiding Principles to Maximize CRM Adoption & very specific examples of how to put these principles into action.
According to Gartner, 97% of projects are delayed by 1 or more governance functions. As digital transformation and becoming more customer-centric ranks higher in priority for leaders today, companies need to invest in new technology as much as enhancements to their operating models. Learn how to avoid getting bogged down with models that do more for internal processes and systems than your customers. Join us to learn about lean governance and how to prioritize organizational strategies to innovate and move quickly without the complexity.


Workshop 1:
Automate quotes, control pricing, and close deals faster with Salesforce CPQ - Led by WEDO

Workshop 2:
Generate B2B leads and nurture with Salesforce Pardot - Led by CloudTech

Workshop 3:
Use Lightning Experience to Improve Productivity and Gain Business Value - Led by AllCloud 

Workshop 1:
Waterfall Out Agile In - Practical and experience session with Deloitte's experts
- Led by Deloitte Digital  

Workshop 2:
A day in the life of the new age marketer. All you need to know to make the most out of Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Led by ServiceWise

Workshop 3:
Connect your entire workforce to deliver intelligent and productive onsite service, and transform the customer experience in the field with Field Service Lightning - Led by MalamTeam

Workshop 1:
Make online buying easy, and generate more revenue now with Salesforce B2B ecommerce solution - Led by AllCloud 

Workshop 2:
5 insights your sales operations should get from Salesforce - Led by PWC

Workshop 3:
Enhance your customer support — from call-center software to self-service portals — with Service Cloud - Led by Balink with Checkpoint follow the sun service organization testimonial

Workshop 1:
Einstein Bots workshop -Service Cloud conversation design best practices and hands-on activities for establishing voice and tone guidelines and menu design guidelines for implementation

Workshop 2:
Save Money, Time and Trees
Electronically generate, negotiate, sign, act on, and manage agreements to deliver great experiences for your customers and employees using DocuSign Agreement Cloud - Led by DocuSign

Workshop 3:
Automate your business process with the Salesforce Platform - Led by enventiva

Workshop 1:
How Salesforce Einstein and IBM Watson allow to apply AI to unstructured data helping organizations make smarter, faster decisions across sales, service, marketing, commerce, and more. Led by IBM



Pavilion 2, First floor

Learn how to take your apps from idea to production with Salesforce, and what models are available for your teams to build and deliver together.

Samuel David Israeli - Senior Technical Consultant at Salesforce.

Pavilion 2, First floor

Tips on how to use Process Builder to automate business processes using zero code, how to add your custom code to Process Builder when needed, and how to create entirely custom processes using triggers.

Alex Rabinovich - CTO at WEDO

Pavilion 2, First floor

Salesforce DX aims to make development better for everyone, for any kind of org. Whether you’re delivering apps for a single, highly specialized org, or a complex group of orgs, learn how your team can use a standard set of tools and common industry standards to deliver apps and stay focused on delivering business value.

Ben Ohana - Technical Consultant at Salesforce.

Pavilion 2, First floor

Salesforce's Lightning Experience, from the user interface to the configuration tools, is built on top of Lightning Web Components. Developers can create custom components using this modern HTML5 framework to extend standard interfaces, or create completely new ones.

Roy Gilad, Founder at SND Solutions and Salesforce MVP.

Pavilion 2, First floor

Make your apps smarter using Salesforce Einstein. We'll cover available APIs, frameworks, and other artificial intelligence (AI) features woven throughout the core Salesforce platform, and how to use them for your app development.

Menash Yamin - Senior Technical Consultant at Salesforce.

Pavilion 2, First floor

Create real-time integration at scale for your company with Platform Events. Learn how to build and deliver secure, scalable and customizable event notifications within the Salesforce platform or from external sources.

Idan Bliech - Founder at 4winds Consulting.

Pavilion 2, First floor

The Lightning Platform is an API-first platform. Learn which APIs are available (REST, Streaming, Metadata, SOAP, and more), and what you can build with them.

Batya Hudja - Salesforce Dev Team Leader at BayBridgeDigital.

Closing Session

Happy Hour with Live Music.



Basecamp Tel-Aviv

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